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Most people love driving to their holiday destinations. However, before the journey begins, they have to carry everything that they need during this time. Sometimes you find that the volume of your luggage is too much for your vehicle.

Before you begin your travels, ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition, and your luggage is secure, protected, and placed correctly. In addition, over-loading your vehicle may affect its stability, especially its electronic safety system.

In this article, we have highlighted tips on how you can store your luggage in your vehicle safely for your getaway.

Before you pack, consider your vehicle’s size, the number of people who will accompany you, and the options that your car offers for language. Estimate the number of suitcases your vehicle can transport and advise your passengers on how much they can each carry. Ask them to pack their bags wisely to minimize as much space as possible.

Think about the things you need for your trip. If you are going to a ski resort, you need to think about how you will pack the skis. If you are heading to the beach, you need room for your beach umbrella, lawn chairs, and somewhere to store sandy items. If it is a camping vacation, consider where to keep the extra equipment, whether in or on the vehicle.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, there are several packing options for your equipment and cargo. Most drivers with small vehicles use the trunk and the back seat to store their luggage while cars such as vans and SUVs have racks on their rooftops for cargo. However, no matter the size of your vehicle, you can create more space by using a rooftop carrier. Your vehicle does not need a rack to hold the carrier, making it suitable even for small cars. Also, if your car has a roof rack, you can use the carrier to keep your small items together and protect them from harsh weather, such as heavy rainfall.

Store the items that you may require immediately close to the door. For instance, if you are going to a ski resort, put your winter gear, skis, and snow boot at the back of the cargo area. This is because you might need them after you have settled in your room and unpacked.

Use air travel packing procedures when packing for your vacation. Pack a small bag with items that you may require on your way, such as:

  • Jacket or sweater
  • Magazines or newspapers
  • Light blanket
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

Your passengers can keep their small bags in the floorboard area or under their seats for easy access. That will minimize passengers from digging through packed luggage during rest stops and breaks.

Before hitting the road, ensure the rooftop carrier or the equipment on your vehicle is securely tied. Your passenger’s safety and that of other drivers should be your number one priority. Check if your luggage protrudes beyond the vehicle and ensure to distribute it well on the rooftop.

Storing luggage correctly in your car will save you effort and time on your vacation. Pack necessary items only to minimize your luggage. Enjoy your trip by riding in a vehicle with enough legroom and secure luggage.

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