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Bone Broth Cleanse: What Does It Help With?

The world today has really taken a shift in the right direction when it comes to health. Gone are the days of grabbing just anything on the shelf as consumers are now becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. However, even if you are making health-conscious decisions, it can still be tough to stay away from toxins, as we are unfortunately exposed to them all the time.

For example, some of the harmful substances that can be found in the diet are pesticides, mercury, and microbes. Another example comes from the air you breathe. Think about all the gasses that are released into the air from factories and vehicles or even simple chemicals that come from disinfectants and deodorizers. These are all toxins that can build up in your body – not good!

Cleanses have become very popular these days as they work to get rid of these unnecessary toxins essentially rebooting your body. While the body naturally works to rid toxins through the liver, sweat, and urine, a body cleanse works to help your liver further to neutralize toxins and release them from your body. There are many types of body cleanses available on the market today, but our favorite is a bone broth cleanse!

What is a Bone Broth Cleanse?

First, let’s talk a little bit about bone broth, shall we? One of the richest sources of collagen in the world and loaded with tons of vitamins, bone broth is an easy to digest liquid that warms the soul. It comes from simmering animal bones and connective tissues which then creates an oh-so-good broth. Bone broth has been used all around the world dating back to Ancient China to help with things like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut! It is not only delicious, but bone broth is restorative and hydrating making for a great cleanse.

A bone broth cleanse is meant to reboot your gut health and helps to set you on a good path to feeling better, supplying you with better eating habits. Some of the benefits are:

Improved digestion – the chemicals that your body absorbs through the beauty products you use or the foods that you eat can really hurt your digestive health. Like we mentioned a little earlier, bone broth is one of the best natural sources of collagen. Collagen works to protect and soothe the lining of the digestive tract and has been shown to can aid those suffering from conditions such as:

  • Leaky guy syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Acid reflux

Supports weight loss – bone broth is packed with protein that helps to keep you feeling full throughout the day. This will help to battle cravings preventing you from reaching for unhealthy snacks keeping you on track with your weight loss goals!

Boots immune system – your grandma did not give you a warm cup of chicken broth back in the day when you had a cold just because it tasted good! She gave it to you because it is loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals that help to support a healthy immune system such as arginine, glutamine, and cysteine. A bone broth cleanse also works to increase the beneficial bacteria lining in your gut which are associated with stronger immunity making it a powerful tool to kick the common cold to the curb!

If you are someone looking to reboot your digestive system to get on a better path to feeling better, then a bone broth cleanse is for you! Not only will it help to improve your gut, support weight loss and boost immunity, but it tastes oh-so-good!