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Choosing the Perfect Strain of Kratom For You

If you’ve heard of Kratom before, then you know how much depends on its variety. Kratom varieties sometimes confuse even experienced users. Many beginners don’t know where to start, because there is so much conflicting information on the Internet.

If you’ve been using this supplement for a while, you may want to expand the range of sensations. Most users actively do this. You’ve probably asked yourself the following questions:

  • What are the different strains of Kratom?
  • What is the best strain of Kratom?

If this interests you, then you are right. The result depends on the quality and type of powder or tea. First, be specific about your problem, and then we’ll help you find a solution. In this online guide, different strains of Kratom are explained.

Step # 1: Choose The Responsible Supplier

Before choosing a variety, ask yourself the question: where can I get Kratom pills? The responsible seller selects only reliable manufacturers. Brands that produce Kratom tea or powder are required to provide all information about the origin of the goods. Also, responsible manufacturers certify their product by conducting all the necessary tests. The relevant documents evidence the results.

Buyers can check the seller’s reliability by the following criteria:

  • All online store products have quality certificates;
  • Each product has its standardized labelling;
  • The package contains the detailed composition and variety of the plant;
  • The store employees are happy to answer all questions about the goods accurately.

If any of these items are missing, you better look elsewhere to purchase supplements. Our specialists answer all user requests in as much detail as possible. We will also provide you with a safety certificate upon request. We are confident in our products because we only offer pure powder, tablets or capsules. Also, we will always help you figure out which variety is right for you. If you are in doubt about the dosage, we will also provide recommendations. Moreover, our team will be happy to share with you recipes for dishes with the addition of Kratom, if you do not want to feel its specific taste.

Step # 2: Learn The Basics of Strains

When a competent seller is found, it’s time to choose a variety! The starting point is if you have any health problems. Next, you must consider your needs. The same criteria must be taken into account when calculating the dosage. But we will start all the same with the distinctive features of the varieties. Remember that the original Kratom may have white, yellow and red veins on its leaves. The names of the types are derived from their colour. In this case, you should take into account the place where the tree grows, for example, the islands of Borneo or Bali.

  1. The red variety is considered one of the most popular types. This is not as surprising as it is advantageous. Minimum dosages of 1-2 grams are already able to satisfy half of the testers. If you are not a beginner for a long time, then your starting amount is 3 grams. This high efficiency is due to the combination of active ingredients in the leaves. The main work is performed by a pair of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Our clients are very fond of Red Vein Kali, Red Vein Sumatra and Red Maeng Da.
  2. The green variety is considered intermediate between white and red veins. Also, green types are ideal for novice users if they cannot decide which effect they like best. And the final bonus is a less bitter taste compared to the red varieties. Our loyal customers appreciate options like Bali, Bali Leaf, Green Thai and Super Green Malaysian.
  3. The white variety is the mildest. At the same time, experienced users believe that it brings the best euphoria. It’s also the hardest thing to get an overdose. White varieties, due to their softness, are delicately mixed with red or green varieties. Such mixtures allow you to combine the best qualities of both types. However, we ask buyers to refrain from independent experiments. You can neutralize the effectiveness of the drug or get side effects. In order not to be afraid of unpredictable consequences, use only mixtures developed by pharmacists. These supplements are laboratory-tested and have consistent results. Among the white varieties, the most popular are White Borneo and White Sumatra.

Step # 3: Make experiments

After you have read the full description of all the varieties available on the site, think about what you want to get. In most cases, if you need energy, then 1-4 grams is enough. When you have a mild headache or aching muscles, 5-6 grams is enough. Doses over 7 grams can help relieve severe pain and relax. If you want to improve your sleep, you shouldn’t take Kratom right before going to bed. You will be calm and relaxed, but you will not be able to fall asleep on time. The body needs several hours for you to experience the whole range gradually.

Besides dosages, you can experiment with mixes of varieties. To do this, buy ready-made mixed capsules. Manufacturers describe in detail what effects you will get. If you’re not too lazy to weigh your dose on a cooking scale every time, use a powder. It is easy to add to drinks and cocktails. Also, some users share with us exciting recipes for salads, smoothies and even ice cream with Krat! If you are looking for lighter effects to relax, go for tea. A tea drink can be prepared not only from the leaves, but also from dry powder.

Kratomhelper: high-quality Kratom strains

Our company takes a responsible approach to the health of our customers and our reputation. Our employees personally selected the most valuable varieties on the plantations. We work closely with farmers, manufacturers and suppliers of dietary supplements. We can also offer you seeds of the highest quality and most productive varieties for growing at home.

On our website, you will find only pure powder or compressed capsules and tablets from simple dry matter. We do not cooperate with
manufacturers who chemically strengthen their products. We also select only those samples that have been appropriately grown and transported. Therefore, all of our products are effective and safe.

On the pages of our site, you will find a detailed description of each variety. We also conduct ratings based on our customers’ evaluations. You can rate the effects of each type by the number of stars. If you have any questions about a product or how to use it, feel free to ask our employees. Write to us on the website, and we will respond within one business day.

In some countries in the Asian region and several states in the United States, Kratom is not legal. Our store is registered in the Czech Republic and is entirely legal. This also allowed us to obtain all certificates of quality and compliance with health requirements for all products. Therefore, each of our clients can be calm about their health and results. We try to provide guests of the site with the most complete and reliable information to make you happy with your purchase. We also hope that the restrictions on the use of Kratom will soon be lifted all over the world, as this natural drug can become a safe substitute for chemical drugs.