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The Rose Gold Color Verdict: Is it Still In?

In the 2019 holiday season, over 6.3 billion dollars were spent on jewelry by Americans of all backgrounds. Suffice it to say that the modern fashionista places a lot of emphasis on accessories- and why wouldn’t they? Jewelry draws whole outfits together, expresses what’s important to you, and allows you to express yourself in a multitude of ways.

For the past decade, rose gold color has been one of the #1 trends in accessorizing. Lockets, watches, phone cases, you name it- everything that could be made in rose gold was. But is this trend still en vogue? Or will 2020 be the year we say goodbye to rose gold?

Read on to learn the answer!

What’s On the Market in Rose Gold?

Currently, there are a lot of various pink accessories on the market. Jewelry in rose gold is often said to be more romantic than other shades because of its pink hue, so there are a lot of styles out there that you can get yourself or your loved ones. Whether you want a ring, necklace, or charm bracelet, there’s a rose gold style out there for you.

People are still making other accessories with rose gold color, too. The rose gold iPhone case is still popular, actually, and many Android phone case designers have emulated the style! Soap dishes, lamps, and even cars (!) also come in this beautiful shade.

So, Is the Rose Gold Color Still ‘In’?

With so many rose gold products on the market, you may have guessed this, but the answer to whether or not rose gold is still en vogue for the coming decade is a resounding yes. So much so, in fact, that rose gold color is reaching beyond accessories to become a common color scheme for weddings, home decor, and rooms used for large parties and events.

What Will Be the 2020 Rose Gold Trends?

Going into 2020, rose gold is going to be popular as a symbol for romance. Bakeries have begun to use the color in their wedding cake frosting (don’t worry- there’s no metal in it) and in their entire home remodels. This seems likely to continue!
We also expect to see rose gold color make its way into re-emerging fashion trends like scrunchies and hairbands. It’s a classic, too- you can get beautiful rose gold wedding rings if you want to step the romance up to a whole new level.

Keep Stylish This Decade

Though it may seem like rose gold has outstayed its welcome in the popularity department, there are good reasons it’s remained fashionable. In any case, it’s definitely going to remain a beloved color for years to come.

Now that you know that rose gold color is, in fact, still an amazing and amazingly popular trend, it’s time to get looking for specific accessories. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our home page and head over to the ‘fashion’ section to learn more about what else is in style going into the next decade.

Stay trendy!

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