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Plastic Mulch: Why You Should Consider Using It in Your Farm

Mulching is one of the most essential farming practices. Mulching ensures that the soil is insulated, and the plants are protected from heat and cold. Mulching also helps with moisture retention, which is something most plants struggle with, especially in areas that don’t receive adequate rainfall. Root competition is also among the things that deteriorate the quality of plants. Mulching takes care of this by preventing the growth of weed, which results in root competition.

While manual mulching has been in practice for some time, a new technology, plastic mulching, has been incorporated in modern farms.

Checchi & Magli is a manufacturer of farm equipment that has been in the business since 1976. Since the time, Checchi & Magli have ensured that the farm machinery they roll out is able to take care of the changing agricultural needs. The Checchi & Magli mulch transplanter is one of their creations that are changing the world of agriculture. The manufacturer is a renowned innovator of transplanters for nursery seedlings, vegetables, and tobacco.

Cecchi & Magli mulch transplanters save vegetable and seedlings growers a lot of time that they spend in protecting the plants from loss of moisture and root competition. Here are some of the benefits that the farmers use plastic mulch technology enjoy.

1. Moisture retention

Most of the moisture in farms is lost through evaporation. Plastic mulch reduces the amount of moisture lost through evaporation, ensuring that the plants have enough moisture even during the hot days. When moisture is not evenly distributed in the soil, plants end up experiencing stress. Plastic mulch also addresses this issue as it allows even distribution of moisture.

When there is adequate moisture, the withering of plants will be prevented, and at the same time, the farmer will save a lot of water that would have otherwise been used in constant irrigation.

2. Reduction of pests

Apart from an inadequate supply of moisture, farmers’ biggest headache is the infestation of pests. While the use of pest control chemicals is being campaigned against, plastic mulch is an alternative way to go about it. Reflective plastic mulch is known to reduce pests such as spider mites, whiteflies, and thrips. It also repels aphids and many other types of pests. If your farm is prone to pests, you will note significant improvement once you start using this mulching technology.

3. Ensuring ideal soil conditions for the healthy growth of plants

Plants need balanced soil moisture and temperature. When the temperatures exceed the optimum threshold, it becomes a problem. For one, all soil moisture is lost through evaporation, and the plants experience both water and heat stress. The result is the clamping of the roots, which affects the ability of the roots to take in water.

On the other hand, when there is excess water in the soil, plants could die or fail. Note that excessive moisture or when the conditions are too humid, the crowns and the roots of the plants rot. Humid conditions also entertain pests that usually feed on the roots of the plants.

Plastic mulch provides a balanced environment for the plants, ensuring their healthy growth. Plants thrive when there is a proper balance of moisture and temperature.

4. Improving soil texture

Soil texture can be defined as the soil proportion of the soil, its ability to retain moisture, its ability to allow water movement, and the free circulation of air. The ideal soil texture is one that has particles that allow enough space for water and air to penetrate. Plastic mulching goes a long way in improving soil texture by minimizing evaporation, increasing the soil’s porosity and stability, and boosting the infiltration of water.

Plastic mulching protects the plants from a myriad of threats that might impede their quality. The technology ensures that the plants have adequate moisture, warmth, and root competition, which stresses the plants by preventing weed growth. Plastic mulching also promotes the growth of useful soil organisms like earthworms, which promote the healthy growth of plants.

Mulch transplanters from Checchi & Magli will go a long way in helping you mulch the crops on your farm for better yields.