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Thinking About Giving Presents? Here Are Few Thoughtful Ideas

Giving presents is probably the best tradition that will never lose its charm. There is always an occasion where you want to remind the other person of their importance. Be it Christmas, birthdays, graduation, anniversary, or promotion, and presents are always welcome! Every person wants to do something out of the box when it comes to gifts. They want to give something that will show gratitude and love.

From small handmade cards to customized gifts, every gift tells a story. There is a hidden calling for it, which shows a deep connection between two people. You can also give presents to a stranger, but there will be a motive behind it too. There is no harm in being courteous towards others, and giving presents is the sweetest thing someone can do. Gifts bring joy and make someone smile priceless.

If you are also thinking about uplifting someone’s mood, then keep on reading. We have a few thoughtful gifts ideas that you will surely love. So let us not wait anymore and check out these gift ideas!

1- Think from the receiver’s perspective

The ideal gift would be a personalized one, where you put yourself in the shoes of the receiver. Think about what they love the most and how you can cheer them up. It can be anything a chocolate bouquet or a cheesecake. Just imagine how you can be more considerate towards them. Some gift ideas would be:

  • Treating them with a fancy dinner
  • Watching their favorite movie together
  • Taking some time off work to be with them
  • Cooking food for them

2- Go into your creative mode

A little bit of creativity will do you no harm! Try to compile a present by yourself and wrap it up nicely. There are some online sites you can order gift accessories from, such as If you have been gifting the same thing over and over again, then it is time to channel your inner artist. It is where you can surprise the other person and display your love! Personalized and creative gifts are the best thoughtful gifts you can give someone. So do the needed and put in some hard work as well.

3- Experiment with the comic book theme

If you are good at drawing, then why not compile a comic book and portray your love? You can write your own story and honor your relationship by showing how you both met. Something like this will work on a wedding anniversary or while celebrating your BFF’s birthday. If you have any photos, then include them too with some classic comic style dialogues!

4- Listen carefully, and you will find the answer

Sometimes, the receiver might not appreciate your present a lot. People expect their loved ones to pay attention to them and give them what they want. For instance, you might get your little daughter a dollhouse on her birthday, but she might be expecting a new schoolbag. Well, no need to fulfill the unrealistic wishes, but try to meet the ones you can! By listening carefully, you will know what exactly they want and how to please them. Pro tip: just ask them indirectly (be wise), and they will tell you in an instant!

5- A gift that will fix their problem

Please do not overlook the importance of being a problem-solver in someone’s life. Yes, a gift can solve many, many problems. Try to think about the things that bother them a lot, and find the solution to it. For example, your wife might be tired of her old phone, which keeps on working slowly, so you get her a new one! Small gestures are equally important, as there is no need to go over your budget. You can keep it simple, but getting her mobile fixed or buying one on monthly installments. It is just an example; the possibilities are endless.


A thoughtful present is not about what you want to give, but to consider what the other person wants. Ask yourself what kind of person they are? What do they dream of having? What are their hobbies, and how can you contribute to it? Think about something they have been planning to do but could not.

In the end, it all comes down to the individual’s happiness, and there are tons of ways to do that. All you need is throw the arrow in the right direction and witness what happens next. That will be the real charm of giving a thoughtful present, which the receiver will never forget!