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Home Remodeling Trends in 2019

If you are a homeowner or planning on buying a home anytime soon then you might be wondering what home remodeling trends are going on in 2019. Home remodeling trends are not just for home buyers if you are selling your home then remodeling it can help you generate some extra interest for the buyers. And it can even help you sell your house at a premium price.

Even if you do not have any urgent plans on buying or selling houses, you should keep yourself updated with the trends,  as making unpopular or over-personalized design choices can lower the home’s value. You can hire companies that do home remodeling service but it will be better if you know the trends yourself.

Here is a list of home remodeling trends in 2019: –

1. Paint Colors

The usual white and grey colors are not going anywhere. In 2019, a new trend of painting warm colors is going on. You will be seeing more warmer tones on walls and more earthly neutrals that pop up. Cold white paints are being replaced by softer, warm whites and warmer tones of grey are being replaced with cooler grays. A good color that has become popular among designers nowadays is Dove grey with a lilac undertone.

If you are planning on selling your home, then consider going for a light, neutral paint color. These colors provide a blank canvas upon with the buyer can envision placing his/her belongings.

2. Using Open Shelves

A new trend of using open shelves in the kitchen can be seen in 2019. Upper kitchen cabinets are swapped for open shelves, this is a great cost-effective way to make your kitchen feel larger and brighter. However, this style might not be for everyone, so don’t rush it all together. Start small and remove a few cabinet doors to see if you like the feel of it.

3. Furniture that does not match

Among furniture, the trend of placing mixed-up furniture is quite common in 2019. People do not scoop up a single living room set and claim their decorations complete anymore. Designer Jonathan says that unless you want your living room to look like a showroom, matching furniture makes it look boring. Don’t put matching furniture for every room, take your time and collect furniture along the way. Take different pieces from different sets and personalize them in your own way.

4. Decorate your kitchen appliances

The kitchen is a big part of house remodeling nowadays and it cannot be ignored. One of the things that have changed our views on kitchen remodeling is technology. Nowadays Kitchens are equipped with devices and sensors that make things so much easier and cooler. For example, an automated coffee maker that makes coffee for you every morning right when you need it, faucets that have sensors installed which detect the presence of hands and start the flow of water, etc. Even the use of color ‘Matt Black’ has been seen as a growing trend in kitchen remodeling.

5. Tiles

The days of common white tiles are now long gone. People are more interested in getting more colorful tiles with creative textures and furnishes. Natural stones, however, remain popular among homeowners, especially quartz and marble.

6. Pendant Lighting

People are moving towards using pendant lights that hang from the ceiling and lights up the room. They bring in jewel tones and make the colors pop. You can try putting one right over your dining table and see how it looks.


There you go, these are the top 6 House remodeling trends that are going on in 2019. Make sure to read them all and surely you will find one of your choices. If you are familiar with something different then share your thoughts with us on the comments below. Good luck!