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5 Reasons You and Your Kids Need to Spend Time Outdoors

We all know that it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle and spend time in the great outdoors – that’s what every lifestyle and fitness blog out there tells us. But sometimes life just gets in the way, especially for parents with kids to take care of and careers to juggle. But regardless of our busy schedules, the reality is that spending time outdoors is so important for your own and your kids’ wellbeing. Here’s a few reminders why we should get out into the fresh air whenever we can.

1. It’s fun

First and foremost, being outside is fun! There are a ton of activities you can do with your kids outside, from simple things like going to the park and playing team sports to days out at adventure parks. So if you or the kids are bored, you know you can get an energy boost by heading into the great outdoors.

2. It’s good for their health 

Research has proven that being out in nature is good for your health, and it’s true in more ways than one. Getting regular exposure to sunlight gives our bodies much needed Vitamin D to help promote the healthy function of our bodies, as well as boosting our immune systems too. 

Of course, the main benefit of spending time outside is the potential for exercising and keeping kit. Parents and children alike need to maintain an active lifestyle to improve fitness and strength. So whatever activity you prefer, getting the blood pumping round your body also improves our cardiovascular function and works out our muscles. 

3. It encourages them to have hobbies and develop skills

It can be difficult to stimulate kids nowadays, especially with the rise of technology – it’s hard to drag them off a screen, from phones to computers and tablets. But spending time outdoors where there’s no WiFi connection can encourage your children to develop hobbies and skills that aren’t technology related. Taking part in team sports or training can give them focus and discipline that will benefit them in countless other areas of their lives.

4. It helps look after your mental health

Taking care of mental health is just as important as physical health, and spending time outdoors caters to both. For parents and children, being outside can be a source of stress relief, creativity and relaxation. In a world that is constantly changing and moving indescribably fast, spending time in nature helps us to slow down and recharge our energy. Whether you’re stressed with work or your children are stressed at school, the outdoors can provide a great release for you all. It’s also a great way to foster creativity and wonder in your kids by admiring the world around us. 

5. It helps you to bond as a family

Lastly, not definitely not least, spending time outdoors with your family means another opportunity for you all to have some quality time together and bond. Especially if you are all busy and find it difficult to find time to spend together, you can get the dual benefit of spending vital time outdoors and spend time together.