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Creative Ways In Which You Can Add Colors To Home Decor

Adding color to home décor is something that few people consider since they are afraid to make a commitment. Using color is a wonderful way to showcase personality and it offers the possibility to create focal points. Unexpected color utilization will say a lot about personal style and can make the home look unique, which is something all homeowners want. Just remember that you should use colors in some specific percentages, according to Fix It Right Plumbing In Mooroolbark:

  • 60% – dominant color
  • 30% – secondary color
  • 10% – accent color

Add Emotions Through Color

Colors are normally associated with something that has value for the individual. As an example, yellow can represent the sun and red could mean warmth. Generally speaking, the associations we have are emotional responses that are connected with colors. Because of this, you can use emotional associations in order to make the space better, according to what you feel.

Remember that the color you choose needs to reflect what activities you will perform in the given space. As an example, if you want to decorate an area where you will rest, darker color values are going to be more suitable than the lighter ones.

Contrast Needs To be Considered

When a space presents high contrast colors, everything seems to be well-defined, as opposed to when low contrast is present. Dark and light color values should be used in order to get everything to look more appealing. Interior designers recommend using high contrasts in order to improve formality, while high contrast colors can be used to introduce some soothing qualities.

When you pair black and white, appearance is formal. At the same time, white combined with beige is going to boast low contrast with calmness. As you combine white with black and grey, you get an atmosphere that is low key. The space you create is more restful.

Color Flow

Creating color flow from a room to the next is a really great idea. If you want to do this you want to select the used color and then restate it in the adjoining space but in a different way. For instance, is the sofa green? The exact same green can be used for the seat fabrics you find inside the dining room. You can use a color in larger or smaller degrees as you walk through your home. The green you used for the sofa can be used for a lampshade in a family room or mats inside kitchens.

Add Color To Furniture

Most people think that the really bold color choices should only be for walls. This is not the case so why not revamp the old furniture you no longer like? For example, paint the walls yellow and then add furniture accents with aqua pops. No matter the color of the locale, you can select colors that will reflect region. You could also go for some seasonal color variations. Just be sure that the colors you choose actually match and never add too much to furniture or you would end up with a bad result.