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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Television Series: Latino Edition

Minorities have often been overlooked from the television screen, and the big screen is reserved for the cinema. However, that is not the case with The Black Panther, which set records and had the movie theater packed. The African-American community took to the cinemas to support what was the first movie with an all-African-American cast in meaningful roles. Minorities have often been discriminated against never gaining enough momentum, however, the landscape is changing and that is a positive thing.

When it comes to episodic television shows the list of trending titles is excessively large to mention considering that over 500 television shows are currently in production. It would be nearly impossible to watch every piece of content. If you filter the list down to shows with a Latino cast then the list becomes more manageable. The following are the Latino-based television shows that are binge-worthy and should keep you entertained for the month leading to the end of summer vacation. Chances are you will require access to a high-speed connection, like one offered by HughesNet internet, and a Netflix subscription to enjoy these popular shows. More and more television shows are choosing to incorporate raw Spanish dialogue without subtitles, which makes sense since Spanish is the second most popular language in the United States after English.

Jane the Virgin

The show is centered on actress Gina Rodriguez playing and owning the role of Jane Villanueva, who has vowed to stay a virgin until the day her wedding bells ring and she walks down the aisle with her husband-to-be. This dream goes awry when she becomes pregnant during a routine doctor’s visit to get a pap smear and is accidentally inseminated. The Virgin Mary comes to mind considering Jane has no idea how she became pregnant or at least that is what her mother believes when they first learn of the pregnancy. It is nice to see a show that portrays teen pregnancy issues with sensitivity. The protagonist, Jane, has a supportive family that welcomes the pregnancy. The show is a pleasant mix of comedy, drama, and romance. 

On My Block

On My Block is a Netflix original and is all about the squad consisting of a diverse cast of young actors. The show revolves around high school students trying to make their way through challenges that come with the epic transition into adulthood and higher studies. The thing about most shows that center on the cast of mixed-race characters is that they are often portrayed in a gritty and grim manner instead of a positive one. The first season consists of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. The energy and chemistry that the group of young actors brought to the screen made the show an instant hit and considering that each episode runs for only 30 minutes, you will not invest too much time into the show allowing you to check out some of the other shows.

Queen of the South

If you loved Narcos, you will also thoroughly enjoy Queen of the South. An American adaption of La Reina del Sur, which is a television show, broadcast on Telemundo. Queen of the South tells the true story of Teresa Mendoza and her rise to power which is a work of fiction, so it may not be like Narcos but packs a punch nonetheless. Teresa’s boyfriend is a drug runner for a major cartel, who leaves specific instructions on what she should do in the event he ever disappears which leads to the cartel tracking her down and hiding her away in their internal network. Little does the cartel realize that she could take them down from within which lead to her rise in power. 

Devious Maids

The name of the show promises to intrigue and this four-season whodunit wonder lives up to the claim. Ever since The Desperate Housewives took the world by storm we have always wanted more and more and this is the case with Devious Maids. Get ready to explore the Latina-driven world of mystery and drama. The show is binge-worthy; you will have your eyes glued to the television screen as a murder unravels and then the resulting investigation.

Brooklyn 99

Even though the cast is not entirely Latino the show is still worth watching and holds tremendous entertainment value with two primary Latino characters. The show is a combination of Police Academy and Friends all rolled up into a binge-worthy package where each cast member adds on to the appeal of the already hit television show. Make sure to get your fill of Brooklyn 99 but not so much that you forget to enjoy real life.

Final Words

The lovely thing about all the television shows listed is that you do not have to be Latino to enjoy the various television shows. Mind you, viewer discretion is advised as the shows contain adult themes. The real beauty of all these shows is that the actors that play the various characters are gaining the opportunity to further develop their talent and be seen by the world, which can lead to bigger roles and the big screen. Hollywood is always on the lookout for talent and viewers are always on the lookout for relatable characters and new sensational actors.

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