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What is 3D Explainer Video?

Creation of animated videos is an interesting and at the same time very complex process. 3D explainer video has a significant advantage over the classic versions of commercials. A three-dimensional image is always more effective impact on human receptors. The viewer will be maximally involved in the ongoing and accurately remember your product. 

Things You Should Know About 3D Explainer Videos – Pros and Cons

3D animation is more technically complex and takes longer to produce than 2D. A three-dimensional image – takes more time to draw, to animate, to create shadows and light. The use of such an option is also relevant in the videos that are filmed. For example, three-dimensional screenshot (final splash) will look much better than the two-dimensional or even more plain text with the company logo. It should be noted that the 3D animation is not always a video in the style of Disney or Pixar cartoons. Sometimes it can be a beautifully designed three-dimensional logo with shadows and volume.

When is 3D The Right Choice?

You do not have to do all the work yourself. For example, you can order an explainer video for startup with Explain Ninja. When choosing a template service or contractor, keep the design and brand position in mind. The finished video should fully meet the company’s requirements. 

You can’t think of anything better if the video is about:

  • Video game descriptions;
  • Platform announcements with movies and TV series;
  • Tourist trips with full immersion in the atmosphere of the country;
  • Online training of any complex technique;
  • Any product activity where full involvement of the potential customer is required. 

When is 3D a Bad Choice?

It is not worth wasting time and extra money on a three-dimensional image, if it does not have a categorical impact on the quality of the video. If the viewer’s perception of the information will not be impaired, it is not worth complicating the task. Also, if we are talking about the roller for preschoolers, do not overload their sensory senses too active three-dimensional actions. 

What to Consider When Creating a 3D Explainer Video? 

Keep in mind that not everyone will be able to see your movie is in 3d format. In the usual flat version of your video should also maintain the quality and usefulness. If your target audience assumes the presence of virtual reality glasses, you can not work on a 2D reel. 

Consider creating special effects. If your specialists manage to create new visual effects, your video will definitely hit the top watched. Modern audiences are already spoiled for cool tricks. Therefore, the public will be very critical of the next content of such a complex format.

Production Planning Tips

  • Before you start shooting, write a script. It will help structure the performance, to focus the essence and cut off unnecessary things.
  • Ideally, the location should be 100% suitable for the theme of the video lesson.
  • Bad light is a major enemy of a good shot. For the picture to be clear and bright you need three lights.
  • Because of the wrong clothes there can be “technical difficulties”: your image will ripple or “dissolve” in the frame.
  • To make it easier during the recording, divide your performance into short takes.
  • Social networks accustomed man to short portions of information. Therefore, the ideal length of a video lesson is 7 minutes.