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Dining Room Upgrades

1. Warming Up The Dining Room With Reclaimed Wood

It’s quite a challenge to bring character to a plain room or warm up an open dining space. Reclaimed wood is an ongoing trend that will enhance the looks and appearance of open dining space with texture and color. On the other hand, if you have a plain room, a wood accent wall will add much-needed architectural elements to the room.

2. Adding Glam To Your Neutral Dining Room With Metallic Wallpaper

If you prefer to maintain a neutral look in your dining room, pattern and texture will keep it looking interesting. Metallic wallpaper helps bring additional light into the room and highlight the lighting fixtures. In fact, a glimmer of metallic accent can benefit even the most neutral or minimalist dining room as long as the color palette is simple.

3. Highlighting Architectural Details With Color

You can add pretty accent colors to your dining room without painting any of its walls with dining room built-ins. Even if the room doesn’t have built-in cabinets, it doesn’t matter. Instead, you can use China cabinets, bookcases, and hutches to customize the area. Make sure you opt for an accent color that pops out to really show off the cabinetry in the room. Table linens and professionally-designed artwork will help sprinkle your accent color around the dining room.

4. Using Drapes To Add Color To The Dining Room Walls

It’s not possible to paint the dining room walls every time. Whether you just don’t have enough time to tackle a paint project or you are a renter, draperies can provide the color you need. Patterned or printed draperies add a lot of color to your dining room – which will give you plenty of accent colors for your decorating palette. Being generous with your draperies is the best tip for using them to decorate a wall. You may add an extra set to the rod to fill out the wall. Install a drapery rod that’s much wider than the window and fill the extra space with additional draperies if you need the draperies to be the focal point of the room.

5. Using Stripes To Jazz Up Your Casual Dining Room

Bold and horizontal stripes make a small dining space look larger and provide an illusion of architectural details. Make sure to keep the stripes simple with a few colors in case you have a small dining space. In fact, artwork in a striped finding room looks best when it’s simple and large. Small and crowded artwork gets lost in the wall of stripes.

6. Mixing Patterns And Colors To Fix A Boring Dining Room

Don’t shy away from mixing patterns and colors when decorating the dining room. In case you want to mix patterns such as florals and stripes but don’t want to go overboard, you can always opt for a monochromatic color palette. When you decorate the space in various shades of the same color, it will give you a subtle color palette that fits any type of pattern within the color palette. Accent your decor with floral cushions from Voyage Outlet.

7. Using A Realistic Photo Mural To Open Up A Small Dining Space

A photo mural on the wall can make your small dining room look much bigger. Your guests will surely enjoy the relaxing view of a soothing beach scene with dinner. Don’t forget to treat the wall mural as an accent wall by pulling colors for your decorating palette.

8. Using Bold Colors On The Walls Of The Dining Room

If you love bold colors, the dining room wall is the perfect place to show it off. The dining room can handle your favorite color quite easily similar to the powder room. If you don’t want to paint all the walls of the room with bold colors, let the architectural details of the dining room be your guide. If the room doesn’t have wall details that work two-toned walls, you may add molding or a simple stripe that separates the two colors.