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Details You Might Forget When Looking for Your Dream House

When looking for a new home, there are many elements to take into consideration. With such a large investment, it can seem daunting and overwhelming at first, especially if you are a first-time buyer or have not moved in a long time.

We are here to bring you a guide on some of the most forgotten about details when it comes to buying a new house, all of which could have a drastic impact on your quality of living if not thought about. From estate probate insurance to checking the title deeds, read on to find out exactly what you should be looking for when going through the conveyancing process.

Probate Insurance

Commonly, properties belonging to someone who is recently deceased come on the market and they are usually at a great price due to the family wanting a quick sale. While it may seem tempting to put an offer in as quickly as possible on these properties, you need to check one important thing first.

Ensuring the vendor has taken out a probate insurance policy will protect you financially should there be any query into administering probate. Estate and probate insurance protects all parties should someone question the beneficiary’s claim to the property. 

You don’t want to spend hundreds on searches and legal fees only to discover the transaction can not complete. The estate agent should ensure the probate insurance administration, but you can’t rely on this so always double-check before placing an offer.

The Garden

Outdoor space can make a difference in the way we live and a perfectly manicured lawn can make or break a buying decision.

However, before you fall into the trap of putting in an offer, take the time to think, can you maintain this? The current owner may be an avid gardener who spends most of their free time looking after the garden, or perhaps they have the budget for a professional.

Do you have the same resources? If you don’t, your gorgeous garden can quickly look dismal, become overgrown and far less inviting than what you had hoped.

You don’t have to pull out just because you don’t want to invest your weekends in manual work, however, you should always look into budgeting to have the space changed to a more manageable space.

Taps & Showers

You may not believe it, but poor water pressure can really impact your daily living. Imagine having to jump in the shower every morning, only to discover that instead of a downpour, you get a drizzle.

Check the pressure of all water outlets when viewing a property, if it seems weak, find out how much this could cost to repair and see if you can negotiate a price drop or perhaps a stipulation in the contract that the vendors must fix this before you move in.

The Neighbours 

Great neighbours are the basis of a good community and can even save you money. Bad neighbours can turn your dream home into a nightmare. When viewing a property, don’t be afraid to knock on neighbouring properties and introduce yourself.

An older couple is typically more pleasant to live next to than a student property with multiple young occupants. Similarly, your neighbours may keep loud animals, such as chickens, which could lead you to say goodbye to Sunday morning lay-ins.

Not only will you get a scope for those who live near, but these residents can also provide a candid view of the neighbourhood and if it is a leasehold property, can provide an insight into the landlord and managing agent, something estate agents often sugarcoat. 

Restrictive Title Deeds

Every property has its own unique title deeds, even seemingly identical properties can have varying stipulations within these deeds.

Restrictive covenants are rules and regulations written into the title deeds that prevents an owner using the property in a certain way. This could be hundreds of years old or added recently and could really impede how you want to live.

This could be anything from not being allowed to run a business on the property, to not being able to keep pets. While your solicitor will flag these restrictions to you once they are instructed and have received the seller’s pack from the other side, by this point you are already invested and perhaps very much in love with the property.

Ask the vendor for a copy of the title deeds, if they do not have these, you can request them yourself from the land registry for as little as £3.

With the above in mind, you are well on your way to making the right decision for you and your family. Don’t fall victim to these common, but often neglected elements when it comes to buying your new home, making the right decision first time is crucial and the above can certainly help with that decision.