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Perfect Your Boho Style in the Home

There’s something about the cosy eclectic boho style that makes it feel like home. It’s unconventional mixing of colours, patterns and textures can give any home a lived-in, relaxed and carefree feel.

There’s a reason this style is loved by travellers, actors and writers – it mirrors their offbeat, nomadic lifestyles. It’s carefree and individual, with no two rooms ever looking the same.

So how can you perfect your boho home decor? We’ve outlined everything you need to know below, from how to use colours to create textural layers that will make your home truly unique and a reflection of you.


The first rule of boho is that there are no rules – that’s the point, after all. No colours are off-limits, although there are some that appear more often.

You’ll find a lot of warm, earthy colours in boho home decor. Rich browns, greens and greys are good as base colours, with deep purples, flaming oranges and dazzling blues as accessories. Metallics and jewel tones are often common, too, to bring some sparkle to rooms. If bright tones aren’t for you, you can use olive green, mustard yellow and rusty oranges instead.

When space is at a premium, white can be a good base. It’s a strategic way to create some visual space. You can also go down this route if you don’t want to fully commit to the boho style.

Remember that you don’t have to stick with solid colours. Add patterns – stripes, Kilim, Persian and Mexican – to create a more eclectic feel.


When it comes to boho furniture, mix and match is the best way. We’re talking mismatching bedside tables, different textures on your armchair and sofa, and dining chairs made in different styles.

Boho home decor always exudes a relaxed, chilled vibe, so make sure your furniture reflects this. Look for plush chairs, daybeds and chaises longues, or even oversized cushions to use as seating.

Make sure to mix the textures and finishes on your furniture. A mix of natural, rustic and metallic will create the perfect boho look. Don’t overthink it – use the objects you’re drawn to and that tell a story to you.

Second-hand and vintage items are perfect – visit antique stores or use online sites like Facebook MarketPlace. Alternatively, you can buy new if you have something particular in mind. You could find a marble table and dress it up with souvenirs from your travels, or buy a new sofa and cover it in coloured throws and silks.

Decorations & accessories

More is more. You create the perfect boho look, use layers everywhere. Drape cotton throws over plush sofas and accessorise with burlap cushions. Hang rich red tapestries and area rugs on painted walls next to pictures, maps and other ‘objets’ from your travels. Nothing should look brand new, though. Slightly worn is best to set off the boho vibe.

Crochet and macrame are very on trend at the moment, so make the most of them. Use granny square blankets and macrame plant holders and wall hangings to create more texture. You can also branch out into crocheted coasters, ornaments and more.

Don’t be afraid to add a few statement pieces, though. A chunky metallic-framed mirror or even a chandelier can be the perfect addition to your interior design and make it a little more chic.

When it comes to houseplants, ferns and hanging plants are great. While bringing a vibrancy and freshness to a room, they also improve air quality. Philodendrons and peace lilies are perfect for those with a green thumb, and they are hardy as they can withstand a variety of light and temperature levels. For those who struggle to keep plants alive, bring in some succulents and cacti.


For a true boho look, light your rooms with floor and table lamps, and maybe a few lanterns. Combine styles and colours to create your own aesthetic, but avoid overhead fixtures.

Natural fibre lampshades can take a room from eclectic to boho. Look at basket weaves and seagrass – anything that will provide a contrast to other textures in the room.

Don’t shy away from candles, either. Coming in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, you can create a real relaxed vibe with some delicious aromas.

Make it personal

The easiest way to achieve the perfect boho look in your home is just to make it personal to you. Display all those knick-knacks and souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels, and make sure every item has a story behind it.

Play around with different items, textures and colours to create a design that works for you. After all, that’s what boho is all about.

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