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What Do You need to Know About Boutique Hotels?

The term “Boutique Hotel” was coined in the year 1984 by Steve Rubell, a nightclub owner in the USA. This term defines small upscale hotels that feature architecture, art, service, or design. Over the last few years, the concept of boutique hotel has become quite popular. Below we are sharing everything that you need to know about boutique hotels.

The History and Evolution of Boutique

Boutique hotel in Auckland seems like a new concept, but its history dates back to over 32 years. Presently, every global chain is entering into the extensive market of Boutique. A lot of hotel chains have boutique hotels or wings that are operating under different brand name.

This is because the concept of boutique hotels is supposed to be unique and small and not commercialized. These hotels should be centred on the classes, not the masses. Generally, these types of hotels have accommodation around 10 to 100 rooms. Art is an imperative aspect of boutique hotels. These types of hotels decorate the room with great art pieces.

What are the Unique Features of these Hotels?

When people hear boutique hotel, they have a special expectation with regards to the accommodation. Below are the things that are provided by boutique hotels –

  • Personalized services
  • Exceptional theme
  • Great location with local taste
  • Exquisite and limited room
  • Cuisines that align with the theme
  • An unparalleled theme

Characteristics of Boutique Hotels

Following are some prominent characteristics that are associated with boutique hotels –

  • Design – The interior design and architecture of these hotels are quite distinctive similar to its operation. Boutique hotels are a perfect blend of historical significance and modern elegance. They exhibit a modern style accompanies with fastidious decor.
  • Location – while there is no rule, boutique hotels are situated in the chic urban locales. They are often found in the posh residential areas that are away from the city crowd. You can also find a boutique hotel in resort areas.
  • Service – Highly customized services are one of the main aspects of the boutique hotel. Staff will know the guests’ name and provide you with bespoke luxury amenities such as custom toiletries, spa services, extensive pillow menu, tec. So when you stay at one of these hotels you get individualized experience.
  • Culture – Boutique hotels often related to the local flavour and incorporated locally-sourced materials; reflecting the heritage through art and colour. Boutique hotels are designed with a theme to provide optimized guest experience.
  • Personality – Boutique hotels generally exhibit an eccentric character. They have unique and creative guest offers. For instance, in a Boutique Hotel in Washington, D.C. will offer guests with a goldfish; if they are missing their pets back at home.

Boutique hotels have already made a huge impact on the branded hotel industry. Above we have mentioned everything that you need to know about boutique hotels. While these hotels can be pricey, the services are exceptionally memorable. If cost is not a restriction, then you should definitely look into it.