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How to Maintain Clean, Hygienic Practices While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for work or a getaway vacation, you’ll have to be in public spaces. There’s a heightened awareness of how deadly it can be to spread airborne viruses and more. This doesn’t mean you can enjoy the beauty of travel. However, this does mean that you’ll want to become more careful in the way you operate outside of your home. Everyone doesn’t maintain the same level of cleanliness or care. Knowing this, it’s wise to implement the following practices when you’re traveling.

Use your own travel linens

While there are plenty of hotels that clean their linens thoroughly, it’s not always up to par. There are tons of documentaries showing how often hotels miss the mark. Instead, you can opt to make an investment by purchasing linens that are solely for traveling purposes. Once you’ve checked into your hotel room, pull out your flat and fitted sheets as well as your pillowcases. Those linens are pretty easy to travel with. Carry a small hand-held steamer that you can use to personally steam clean the comforter. Just remember to pack your linens with you to take back home for a deep-cleaning session.

Invest in private experiences

More people are opting to sail on private yachts and boats instead of cruise ships. Cruise ships are offering tons of discounts to those who are willing to take the chance. When you’re sharing recycled air with other people on a cruise ship, the ship can become a breeding ground for catastrophes to occur. If you’re traveling to a beautiful place like Croatia, live it up by reserving a yacht rental Croatia. You’ll get a VIP experience that you’ll never forget.

Walk with cleaning products, masks and gloves

Use a mask and disposable gloves when you’re traveling through the airport. Wear socks so that you’re not barefoot through the TSA line.

Masks are most helpful once you actually get on the plane. When people cough or sneeze, those germs are in the area. You don’t want to openly inhale those germs and get sick. Bring antibacterial wipes in order to wipe down the seats, the tray table and the touch screens. You don’t know how often those areas are cleaned and sanitized before and after you.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are great for immune health. While you don’t want to openly spray essential oils in the air of public spaces, you can use a dab or drop of oil to mix in your sanitary cleaner. When you get to your hotel room, use a diffuser to help you clean the air. Unless you’re in a room that has open windows and great air circulation, it’s great to develop some level of air purification to maintain optimal health.

If you’re not used to already doing these tasks, they’ll feel cumbersome at first. However, once you get into a routine and simplify it, your cleanliness routine will feel pretty instinctual. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Exposing yourself to viruses like the novel coronavirus can be deadly. With the right precautions, you’ll save yourself and others.