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Phoenix vs. Vegas: Why Phoenix Is Where You Should Plan Your Next Weekend Getaway

In between those long-term holidays that you plan one year in advance, quick getaways are the recipe to keep your energy levels high and face another month of work and duties. However, what’s the best way to choose the next destination? Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the United States for its lavish lifestyle and endless casinos. It’s also perfect for bachelor parties, boys’ nights out, and girls’ weekends. However, with all this popularity, are you really going to have a good time in Las Vegas?

We introduce a new contender into the ring – Phoenix. In case your first reaction was “Why Phoenix?” it’s time to give it a little more credit as a weekend getaway destination. Admittedly, it may not have the same glamour and flashiness as Vegas. However, there are plenty of things to enjoy and discover in Phoenix as well. Not to mention that you won’t spend half of your trip in huge crowds. So, perhaps it’s time to stop checking those Las Vegas hotels and research on what Phoenix can bring. In case you have other goals than to win real money, you’ll be amazed by how appealing Phoenix can be.

Enjoy the Sun 9 Months Per Year

Yep, that’s right. Las Vegas is also sunny, and you can enjoy pleasant weather during your stay. However, Phoenix is lovely for over 9 months every year. So, if you are looking for a getaway from the cold, this choice is perfect for you. It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be getting that humid warmth you get in cities near water. The temperature is perfect for pool days, golf trips, and hikes. Phoenix is also a lot warmer during winter compared to the Las Vegas weather.

Top-Notch Resorts

Sure, you may not be able to shake the image of a Vegas billboard advertising the luxurious resorts and casinos available in the city. However, this is only appealing if you’re a fan of huge hotels and many people brought together in the same place. The way Phoenix handles resorts is a bit different. Since there’s much more room, their hotels are all about comfort and making sure everyone enjoys plenty of personal space. The Phoenix Valley is the home of amazing inns and resorts that can beat anything that Las Vegas offers. Not to mention that the prices are considerably lower in Phoenix so you can extend your stay.

Las Vegas-Like Nightlife in Phoenix

If you’re all about partying until the morning, you may think that there’s no other place on earth that can match the party Vegas destination. However, for a superb night out, eating great dinner and then listening to some live music, Phoenix is just as an offering. While Vegas restaurants may have you face a huge queue, your chances of finding a table without much waiting time are far better in Phoenix. Another thing that you will love about Arizona, compared to the time in Las Vegas, is that customer service is far superior since they don’t deal with all the celebrities and big shots all the time. You will be treated like a human being, and your needs will be looked after. Places like Linger Longer Lounge, Crescent Ballroom, or Culinary Dropout are ideal if you want to enjoy an awesome night out in Phoenix.

Phoenix Comes With Decent Prices

When you explore what to do in Las Vegas, you might also want to check the price tag on all the activities, assessing how much this trip is going to cost you. Yep, as popular as Las Vegas is, you will need a massive budget even for one weekend there. On the other side, Phoenix is capable of delivering the same amounts of fun, relaxation, and excitement at a fraction of the price you would pay for a trip to Nevada. When comparing anything from flights to Las Vegas, accommodation fees, eating in town, or even renting a card, Phoenix comes out on top. And speaking of flights, Phoenix is easily reachable with low costs thanks to its Sky Harbor — one of the biggest hubs in the west of the United States. So, you have even more reasons to pack your bags for a trip to Phoenix right now.


Of course, for our readers who are only interested in the gambling part and getting no wager free spins, all the above-listed reasons why Phoenix is a great alternative for Las Vegas won’t matter that much. However, it’s good to know that you will find a couple of top casinos in Phoenix as well with everything that a player would wish. And again, the entire experience will cost you way less, and the winning chances are just the same.

We encourage our readers to leave their thoughts on this Phoenix vs. Las Vegas topic for a weekend getaway. Share your personal experiences and take into consideration all the factors that can influence your decision.

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