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The Best Ways To Advertise Your Business

Regardless of whether your business is a start-up or a well established one, the likelihood is that you will want to advertise it one way or another. How you do this and to what scale will depend on your business and often, more importantly, your budget. Depending on what you hope to achieve from your advertisement/advertising campaign will influence what medium/method you use. Also depending on where your business is located, may impact on the geographical area you will want to advertise in. For example, if your business operates in one particular area, you would not need to run a national advertisement. This is because the likelihood of someone living on the other side of the country using your business would be remote.

Therefore, it is important to focus on how and where you advertise your business to ensure a return on investment. You want to ensure that your advertisement is being seen by your potential customer base. With that being said, here are some of the best ways to advertise your business across a range of mediums and to suit a range of budgets.

Outdoor LED display

One of the most eye-catching ways you can promote and advertise your business is by investing in an outdoor LED display with Visualled. Outdoor LED displays can be made to your specification and resolution and are weatherproof, meaning you can use them all year round. As engagement is key, this is a great way of drawing in new customers. All you need to decide is where to place it to create the biggest impact.

Companies such as Visualled offer a range of different LED displays depending on where you want to put yours and of course your budget. Products range from indoor LED screens right through to advertising LED billboards. If budget is an issue you could consider hiring a LED display instead of buying one. Perhaps you could do this in order to coincide with a particular promotion or offer you are running?

Traditional Media

Traditional media outlets are a great way to advertise your business. You can choose the length (TV and radio) or size (newspaper and magazine) dependant on your needs and/or budget. You can also target particular channels/publications etc. Another positive when it comes to advertising via a traditional media method is that you can focus on where you want your advertisement to be seen/heard. For example, you could advertise in local newspapers and on local radio stations where your business is to ensure your target audience see/hear your advertisement.

The only potential drawback when it comes to advertising via traditional media methods is the fact that many people do not watch/read/listen to them in favour of the internet and streaming services. Therefore, you would need to undertake research and analysis of your target market before choosing this option.


Internet Advertisement

With many people having access to the internet either via a desktop, tablet or smartphone information is now at our fingertips, literally. Therefore, digital advertisements placed on popular websites or websites that match the niche of your business could be the perfect place to advertise. The most popular form of internet advertising by placing a banner advertisement on webpages. Again, you can decide on the size of the advertisement you want to publish together with where and for how long depending on your budget.

There a number of positives when it comes to internet advertising. The main one being that it is a cost-effective advertising method. Internet advertisements are often much more affordable than traditional media channels. Another positive is that you can see what is working for your company and what isn’t by using analytics tools. You can then change your campaign based on the results in order to potentially get a better return.

Work With Influencers

Many businesses opt to work with influencers to advertise their business. This can be done in a number of ways. The main one being gifting the influencer a product or service in exchange for social media or blog coverage. Depending on the reach and popularity of the influencer the may also charge a fee for such a service. Some large Instagram influencers can charge in excess of £3000 per photo on their grid.

It may initially seem like a lot of money however they could have a reach of over 1 million. Therefore a great advertising opportunity. Regardless of your business, the likelihood is you will find relevant influencers who can advertise your product/service in a modern and relevant way.

Leaflet Drop

A traditional leaflet drop is also a great option especially for small businesses, businesses who simply want to advertise in their local area or business who may want to attract customers who do not necessary have access to the internet. Leaflet drops can be relatively inexpensive, however, there is no way to measure how effective or influential they are.