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Last Minute Christmas Presents

With Christmas a few months away, it is time to start looking for gifts to present to your friends and family. However, many people like leaving it late until the holidays are less than a week away. If you are that kind of person, here are some top last-minute Christmas gift hampers ideas.

A Subscription to an Online Service

One of the best things you can give is the gift of knowledge. This Christmas, consider buying a subscription for your friends and family. For instance, a MasterClass subscription will grant them access to classes from Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsey, Anna Wintour, and other eminent personalities who are masters in their respective fields.

A Gift Card

Gift cards are an excellent last-minute Christmas present. The good thing is that they areavailable depending on your budget – it can cost you as little as $1 or as high as $1,000. You can also access the cards in physical and electronic formats, with the latter being more convenient because you can send it faster.

Smart Speaker

If your intended recipient loves technology, consider purchasing them the Amazon Echo smart speaker. This smart device can play music, search the internet, read news and audiobooks, and so much more. It is the ideal substitute for your personal assistant.

eBook Reader

AneBook reader lets anyone carry a library of books everywhere they go. For example, the Kindle from Amazon has an 8GB storage space that can store thousands of books and other multimedia files. If you want to keep more stuff, you could get the 32GB version.

Amazon Prime Subscription

Having an Amazon Prime subscription is a necessity. The plan includes 2-day free shipping, instant access to millions of books, videos, and songs, and unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive.
The good thing about an Amazon Prime subscription is you choose when to send it to the recipient. If they have already subscribed to the service, it will be converted into a $99 gift card that they can use to buy anythingthey desire.

Gift Hamper

A gift hamper is the best choice if you can’t settle on a particular item to give to your loved ones. You can settle for the boxed treats gift hamper. The hamper contains white chocolate, roasted peppers, honey glazed macadamia nuts, salted pistachios and an assortment of other delicacies. Your recipient will definitely love several if not all the treats in this gift hamper.

Instant Digital Camera

For the person who loves taking photos, an instant digital camera is the ideal last-minute gift. Instant cameras are different from typical digital cameras in that they print hardcopy images immediately after shooting. You don’t need a printer or a flash drive.

Mini Projector

Christmas is the best time to enjoy great times with family and friends. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a mini projector that can be used for movie nights during the festive season. It is advisable to go for a wireless model because it is more convenient for outdoor use. If possible, it should be Wi-Fi compatible to allow you to connect your phone.


These are only but a few of the top last-minute Christmas gift ideas. Ultimately, your recipient’s taste defines whatthe best gift to purchase is. However, if you are unable to settle for one item, it will be best to buy a hamper. Lastly, remember to personalize your presents.

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