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Turn Your House into a Smart Home Using Control4 Home Automation

If you’re not aware of all the benefits Control4 home automation can put within your grasp, then prepare to be amazed. You can literally transform your ordinary house into a smart home using the highly innovative Control4 home automation technology. Manual tasks that you once took for granted can now be streamlined and automated, making for a more convenient, secure and fun home to live in. Here’s how to turn your house into a smart home using the latest Control4 home automation systems.

1. Upgrade Your Intercom

An intercom can be a greatly underused resource with the potential to heighten your security drastically. Your average intercom at the front door is operated with a button and speaker. But when you get Control4 home automation installed, you can get a massive intercom upgrade that lets you see who’s at the door from your mobile phone, tablet or PC without you physically being there. This means you can have complete vision of who is at your door at all times. Not only that, but you can make sure your kids get home safely, that your online shopping parcel has been delivered, and that there are no shady characters hanging around outside your front door. Other benefits of a full video intercom installationinclude beingable tosee inside your home when you’re not there. You can even use your new upgraded Control4 home automation intercom to let everyone know when dinner is ready, as you can speak to different rooms of the house.

2. Shine a Smart Light on Your Home

Smart lighting is not only energy efficient due to the bulbs used; it’s also energy efficient because you will never forget to turn your lights off again. You simply don’t have to, as your lighting needs will all convenientlybe programmed into your system for Control4 home automation. You can even program in what kind of lighting you want – soft and moody, bright and illuminated, or a mixture of the two. When you get Control4 home automation installed, you might even notice that your energy bills go down as you’ll only be using lights when you actually need them. Lights can make a big difference to the feel of a home, so having your lights preset can instantly help you get into whatever mood you desire. Control4 home automation offers you plenty of options when it comes to smart lighting for your home.

3. Extend Your Entertainment Options

When you have Control4 home automation in your house, you’ll have unlimited options for entertainment. You might choose to have a home cinema installed, making movies and music easy to take advantage of on any of your chosen devices. Fill your home with high resolution music or go to the cinema in your own house – the choice is yours when you opt for Control4 home automation. If you’ve always wanted your own home cinema experience, a control4 system can make it happen.