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How To Store Coffee Beans and Keep Them Fresh: An Ultimate Guide

The moisture, heat, air, and light are the biggest foes of any coffee. For preserving your coffee, it’s suggested to store them inside a secure, airscape coffee canister at room temperature. Coffee beans indeed are a wonderful sight when visible from the jar. However, you should avoid storage canisters, which let light pass through as it can spoil your coffee.

The right way to Store your coffee

A dim and cold area is best for the coffee. Also, avoid storing it near hot places like an oven or a stove because hotness and warmth make the coffee go stale.

An Important Reminder: Transfer Coffee beans from Original Packaging

Keep this in mind that coffee beans’ original packaging is usually not useful for prolonged storage. It won’t keep the coffee blends fresh. If you keep it in the original packing, then soon, your coffee will lose its taste and smell and become dull and disgusting. So, If possible, buy a good jar/canister with an excellent seal to keep moisture away.

Importance of Storage Jars

Unique storage jars will not only help in keeping your coffee fresh but will also protect it from all its enemies. Good jars are the best thing you can do for your coffee.

The advantages of using an Airtight Coffee jar are listed below:

  • You can store your coffee for a much longer time in jars.
  • Your coffee stays fresh and tasty for a long time.
  • A proper coffee jar prevents different odors from influencing the coffee.

A proper Airscape Coffee canister will keep the coffee fresh by protecting it from any foreign impact.

Best Coffee Advice from the Experts

There are four adversaries of the coffee that you should stay away from at any expense – air, moisture, light, and heat. Oxygen is the fundamental reason behind stale beans. The most serious issue is that it is difficult to stay away from oxygen. Using a proper airtight jar can help you avoid or at least reduce the impact.

Coffee Canisters in Market

There are many different types of coffee jars made from various materials which are available in markets. They can be made from glass, steel, plastics, Acrylics, or Ceramic. It is totally up to you regarding which one to buy. But before you buy, ensure that it correctly deals with its primary tasks, which are to keep out the moisture, light, heat, and the air. This means that any adequately sealed jar will be ideal. So, make a flavorful and fresh coffee from an airtight coffee canister.

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