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What Instruments You Can Use to Easily Make Fire

If you believe Greek mythology, mankind suffered a lot before it was given the boon of fire. And our benefactor, the Titan Prometheus, had to steal fire from Mount Olympus and suffer eternal punishment as a result. Thankfully, ever since getting the boon of fire, man has derived many ways to make a fire and use it for development. And it’s the result of countless experiments and innovations that today we have infinite tools to make fire even in unfavorable conditions! When you can make fire even when you’re in heavy rains or out in the wilderness, then making a fire at home should be child’s play. And different tools like a good lighter or the best butane torch make lighting a fire at home a simple and easy process. Here are some really interesting and simple instruments that can help you make a fire easily and quickly.


Lighters are the most common, popular, and simple tools to make fire. They are easy to use even single-handedly. They use an ignition fluid like butane or electricity to produce fire. As long as the lighter has electricity or ignition fluid in them, you can use them innumerable times. This also makes them one of the most reliable fire lighting tools. That’s why many people prefer carrying a lighter on them at all times. They are lightweight, portable, and reliable for simple fire making.

Butane Torch

Another most common fire making tool is the butane torch. As the name suggests, it uses flammable gases like butane to produce fire. You can use this tool in the kitchen, in the garage, or for electrical works too. Whether it’s a chef caramelizing food or an electrician connecting two electric wires, butane torches are the perfect tools to use. And they’re quite popular too. You can easily find the best butane torch at your nearest store for an affordable price too.

Weatherproof Matches

While matches are the simplest, most common and most affordable of any fire lighting tools, they also have a certain limitation. Matches are usually made of chipped wood with its tip coated in a material that is easily flammable. But, these matches are susceptible to even the slightest amount of moisture. However, nowadays, we have a new variety of matches that are called weather-proof matches. These matches are also made of wood and tipped with flammable materials. The difference here is that these matches can resist water and can be used even in torrential rains. 

Ferro Rods

Just like butane torches and lighters, ferro rods are another tool used to light a fire. Ferro, or ferrocerium, is a relatively soft metal alloy made by combining iron and magnesium. Ferro rods are essentially rods made of this metal and they require some kind of striker tool to create sparks and light fire. Usually, a piece of edged metal is used to scrape against the rod and generate sparks. 

There are many different types of fire-starters out there. To figure out which tool you need, you first need to decide what kind of work you want to do and where you want to make the fire. Once you have the answer to this question, choosing the best fire-making option from the wide range of tools available becomes much easier!