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Facts You Did Not Know About Endometriosis

Whether you are wealthy, poor, young, or elderly, endometriosis can quickly strike you when you least expect it. The condition occurs when the tissue found inside the womb starts growing on the surface of other organs located in the pelvic and abdominal areas.  As this happens, the area around the endometrium may become swollen or inflamed. If you have recently been diagnosed with this condition, it is essential to see an Endometriosis specialist in New Jersey to find the best treatment plan for you. Read on to gather all the facts about endometriosis.

There is no known cause of endometriosis

Some experts argue that women are at the risk of getting endometriosis when they notice symptoms such as heavy and painful periods, genetic factors, and environmental exposures. However, there is no known cause of endometriosis. Anybody can get it.

Heavy bleeding is not a sign of endometriosis

You may have read or heard about the symptoms of endometriosis, and one of them may be heavy periods. During your monthly periods, specific hormones compel the uterus to become thick. This makes it possible for you to get pregnant. If you get your period, then the tissue will break down and leave your body through the vagina.

But when you have endometriosis, the hormones activate similar thickening. This leads to bleeding in the tissue that is growing outside your womb. It may grow on organs such as the ovaries or the fallopian tubes. This makes it difficult for produced eggs to exit your body.

Anyone can get endometriosis

Endometriosis is not a disease that affects only older women. As long as you are of reproductive age, it is possible to get it. Your chances for the risk can also increase if any of your family members have been diagnosed with it or when you started your periods at a young age. It is also possible to get the disease if your periods last more than seven days.

Endometriosis is a physical condition

After reading articles on endometriosis, you may start thinking you already have it, especially when experiencing specific symptoms. However, this condition is not a mental one. But after battling with the condition for long, your mental health may become jeopardized. The thought of having painful sex, heavy bleeding, or bloating is enough to affect the quality of your life. The only way to ensure this does not affect your mental wellbeing is by seeing an endometriosis specialist.

An endometriosis expert can help you when you are in pain

Have you been experiencing pelvic pain or find it difficult to get pregnant? If so, you should consider seeing a specialist at Endometriosis Center: Ulas Bozdogan, MD. While there, the doctors will use advanced technology approaches to diagnose and treat endometriosis-related complications. Do not ignore any pain that becomes tedious to treat. Your doctor is in an excellent position to determine the underlying cause and administer the best treatment to get your life back on track. To find out how an endometriosis specialist can help you, schedule an appointment today.