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Everything You Should Know About Cold Aseptic Filling

As food preservation technology advances, the demand for better and healthier packaging also increases. Cold aseptic filling is a new and advanced technology that contributes to meeting that demand by providing a new, innovative, and sterilized packaging process.   

This article will answer all you need to know about cold aseptic filling and aseptic liquid filling machines. Check the definition, application, working principle, advantages, and where to find the best cold aseptic filling machine in the following paragraphs!

What Is Cold Aseptic Filling? And How Does It Work? 

Cold aseptic filling is a filling process where the packaging of food products is done under cold or room temperature. The whole filling process is in an aseptic environment so that no need to add any preservatives or sterilization after filling and capping. This is opposed to the usual hot filling process where everything is heated up to sterilize. In cold aseptic filling, a sterile product is filled in a clean container, all while in a sterile environment.

The process of using sterilization makes this method of filling an aseptic technique. Liquid food in PET bottles is where this process is most popular. Let us take a look at the whole process of how cold aseptic filling works.

  • Aseptic blowing

The first step is aseptic bottle blowing. The PET raw material is blown by sterile gas with high pressure, ensuring no microorganism pollution. Then, these clean bottles will be transmitted to the sterilization part.

  • Sterilization

Before filling the liquid, there is a sterilization process in which UHT technology (ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is utilized. In detail, the liquids are heated to 135℃-150℃ for 2-8 seconds and then cooled rapidly to room temperature, killing the microorganism inside the liquid product without damaging its flavor.

  • Filling and Capping

The next step of cold aseptic filling is to fill the containers with sterilized liquid and seal the bottles with aseptic caps. This process happens inside a sealed enclosure of the integrated machine. The assembly line and sealing machinery need to be completely sterile and free from any human touch to be free from contamination. So, absolutely no environmental changes can affect the longevity of the liquid.

  • Labeling

Finally, there is labeling. A label is put on the sealed and sterilized product, and the liquid product is ready to be put on the shelf.

Application Of Cold Aseptic Filling

Cold aseptic filling is used in the packaging of food products that are heat sensitive. So, to maintain integrity, the CAF packaging technique has been used in various industries. It is usually used for packaging the following food items:  

  • Dairy Products 
  • Fruit Juice
  • Energy Drinks
  • Purees 
  • Marinades, etc. 

Advantages Of Cold Aseptic Filling

Cold Aseptic Filling has many benefits that make it a great choice for packaging some products over traditional packaging methods.  

  • Volume: The cold aseptic filling usually takes less time, so your products can keep going through the process much faster. You can process more products in the same amount of time as before.
  • Quality: As discussed before, this method is superior to older methods. This keeps the food fresher and healthier, and it is a good choice for health-conscious customers.
  • Flexibility: Facilities for cold aseptic filling can be easily used for multiple products. Your parts do not need any changing; you don’t need separate facilities; the whole process can be repeated on various other products, which is very flexible.
  • Cost: The cost of heating and cooling goes down substantially in the cold aseptic filling process. And the minimal amount of sterilization chemicals and disinfectants means the price is brought down even further.

Consider Tech-Long Filling Machines for Your Packaging Needs

Tech-Long Aseptic Filling Line machines check all the boxes necessary for the excellent cold aseptic filling method. The facilities these machines provide are highly flexible and cost-effective, not to mention high quality.

They offer variety and cost-effectiveness in the same high-quality package. You can use the same machines to fill up different beverages aseptically. They also provide excellent solutions regarding different types of packaging containers.


So, that was our rundown of all that you should know about cold aseptic filling. Considering that maintaining an aseptic environment is not that easy, you must choose a reliable aseptic filling machine supplier like Tech-Long. You can check out more about their outstanding solutions related to cold aseptic filling and also other services.