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How Retractable Awnings Can Benefit Your Home and Keep Your Exteriors Cool

One of the best ways to enjoy the weather is to sit on your patio or front porch with some refreshments. Whether it’s summer, winter, or rains, it should not stop you from unwinding in your own home. But sometimes hot sun or rainy weather prevents us from enjoying nature. You need to implement alternative solutions to make your home exterior accessible even in such weather conditions. If you already have a patio or deck, you can consider hanging curtains or installing shades. And if you want a permanent solution, you can go for gazebos and pergolas. However, most people don’t want to completely block out the sun or rain. One solution to this issue is using retractable awnings. Nowadays, awnings come in manual as well as motorized settings which are easy to use. Let us take a look at the benefits of installing awning in the home. 

Protect from Harmful UV Rays

Retractable awnings help keep the sun out when the heat is extreme. Spending a long time in the sun and having direct exposure to UV rays is harmful to the body. Having an awning in the home can help you enjoy sitting in the sun without getting exposed to it directly. Too much exposure to sun rays is harmful not just tonthe body but also to your home windows, doors, furniture, etc. With constant exposure to sunlight, doors, windows, and other furniture can become faded and worn. With retractable awnings, you can also extend the life of your furniture and fittings. 

Flexible, Convenient, and Easy to Use

One great benefit of retractable awnings is the flexibility they bring to the table. You might want shade from the sun on hot summer days but not all the time and every day. With retractable awnings, you can put up a shade whenever you want and retract them later. You can use the awning as per your convenience and it will be as effective and useful every time. Whether you have manual or motorized awnings, both are quite easy to use. No need to retreat into the house anymore to avoid the sun or rains. Simply use the awning when you find the sun is too hot or when it’s raining, and enjoy the weather outside!

Create More Usable Space

In a time when space is not easily available, awnings can help you use outside space effectively. Retractable awnings can help extend your living space so that you can entertain guests or spend quality time with your family. You can use the increased space for celebrating or partying or just chilling outside in fine weather. It can also give the kids some separate place to play while you tend to your home. Such a simple and convenient solution to get extra space in the home!

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Awnings have a very classic look and feel to them. They are considered one of the most non-intrusive additions to any home’s design. When added to a home’s exterior, they only enhance its beauty instead of looking ugly or out of space. There are many different varieties of fabrics and colors available for awnings. So, you can easily choose a color, fabric, and design that goes well with your home’s decor. Adding an awning is not just a material comfort, but they also add visual appeal and value to your home. 

Reduce Heat Gain and Save Energy

When you have added shade to block the sun from entering the house, you can reduce your heat consumption. Your home consumes a lot of heat from the sun. When that heat is reduced, your home temperatures also reduce by a small degree. While it may not be a big effect, it can still impact your heat consumption and reduce your HVAC usage. You can save more money with reduced energy costs while making some parts of your home more cool and comfortable. 

Affordable Alternative for Home Exteriors

Retractable awnings are costlier than simple manual awnings. But they are still cheaper than other alternatives like building gazebos and pergolas or installing trellis planters, etc. Retractable awnings are affordable and their maintenance is also low. You just need to ensure you retract them in bad weather and you can easily increase the durability and longevity of your awnings. And some awnings even come equipped with motion sensors and can retract themselves when wind is detected! While this feature may cost you extra bucks, it can also increase the life of your awnings.

Having a retractable awning can help you enjoy your patio or deck for a longer time in a year. While maintenance and repair of awnings is sometimes challenging, they are still a better option for your summer cooling needs. Investing in a retractable awning system that gives flexibility, convenience, and versatility to your outdoor space is certainly a smart move.

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