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How to Store Wine in a Wine Refrigerator?

Are you a wine lover?

Do you just have bought some wine but are planning to consume it on some other day?

If yes, tell me one thing……… Where you are going to store that?

Wine gets more beneficial with time………… This is the same thing that the majority of us might have heard about. Right?

But do you know the thing that only a very few percentages of fine wine is there that benefits from long term aging? The majority of the wines available in the market today are best to be enjoyed just within a few years of their release only.

So, try to consume it much earlier you can. If you are going to store wine in a wine refrigerator, here are a very few tips that will help you in acquiring the best results and that are:

Single Zone or Dual Zone Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators, as the name describe are specially meant for chilling wine to appropriate temperature. These refrigerators are ideal for all those who are having a small collection of wines.

The wine coolers come up in two basic options: Single Zone Refrigerator or Dual Zone Refrigerator.

The single-zone refrigerator is quite capable of storing different wines on a single temperature, whereas the dual zone wine fridge offers users the freedom of storing different wines at two different temperatures.

If you are using a single zone refrigerator 54 degrees Fahrenheit would be the best temperature option you could opt-in whereas, for dual-zone refrigerators, we prefer you to adjust the temperature between 50 – 65 Degrees Fahrenheit for red wine and about 45 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit for white wine.

Don’t forget to adjust the temperature accordingly

Wine needs to be stored at a constant temperature. A smaller but regular fluctuation would be quite enough to ensure its premature aging. So, if you are storing wine in your wine refrigerator, keep on adjusting the temperature gradually.

Store the wine bottles accordingly

Not all of the wines required the same conditions for storing on. It is quite useful to store the red wine perfectly close, but if you are storing the white wine you need to store on the opened bottles.

Wait…. Wait….. Wait……….

I am not saying here absolutely opened…….

Just replace the cork tightly and then put your white wine bottle back into your wine refrigerator.

One can easily store the wine into the wine refrigerator for about five days but if you have opened the bottle of your red wine, you should consume it just within the two days.

Don’t open up your wine refrigerator quite often

To ensure the perfect cooling of your wine, it is usually advised to ensure the doors and drawers of the refrigerator are closed and airtight. Beware of moving constantly as it can boost up the aging process.

Avoid oxidation

Make sure to keep the corked wine bottles in the wine refrigerator only. A smaller leakage can oxidize your wine and will let air in and spoil your wine.