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Locorotondo & Co: The most Beautiful Villages in Puglia

Puglia is not just sea and beaches. Indeed, this Italian region is full of historic villages, like Locorotondo, where life goes slowly and traditions are strong. And which are the most beautiful? It is very difficult to make a selection, but we will try to list some of them in this article.

1. Bovino, Foggia

On the border between Puglia and Campania, this village will fascinate you for the river stone paving, for the houses with roof tiles, the noble palaces, and the stone portals. On the top of one of the hills stands the majestic Ducal Castle of the 11th century. Moreover, the gastronomy in Bovino is not to be missed. Enjoy the Apulian orecchiette seasoned with mixed meat sauce or fusilli with fresh tomato sauce and a sprinkle of grated ricotta.

2. Cisternino, Brindisi

Cisternino is a gem formed by narrow streets, arches, and underpasses. This village will surprise you for its tranquillity and for its architecture. The Episcopal Palace built in 1560, the noble palaces of the Pepe and Cenci families, the small church of S. Lucia, and the tower and Palazzo Amati. Cisternino is the small white town in the Brindisi area where the butchers are many and remain open until the evening.

3. Locorotondo, Bari

Locorotondo is worth a visit, especially in the Murgia dei Trulli, from which you can admire a mosaic of small vineyards and olive groves that surround ancient farms, as well as thousands of trulli – the typical Apulian house.

4. Otranto, Lecce

Otranto is a grown village with a fascinating history and monuments of international interest. Moreover, here you can find the most beautiful beaches in Puglia.

5. Specchia, Lecce

Specchia is one of the most beautiful towns in Salento. The narrow streets closed to traffic and interrupted by stairs enclose an incredible historic centre. Try the “ciceri e tria”, a dish based on chickpeas and homemade pasta, the soup with broad beans and artichokes, and the grilled eggplant salad.

6. Ostuni, Brindisi

Perched on three hills with its gaze turned towards the valley, Ostuni is the white pearl of Puglia, the small wonder of the Itria Valley. The city is located 8 km from the Adriatic coast and is dotted with rows of old olive trees that make the landscape truly breathtaking.

7. Alberobello, Bari

Alberobello needs no introduction. The famouse city of trulli will fascinate you for its magic atmosphere suspended in time and for the particular buildings that make this place truly unique.

8. Conversano, Bari

In the province of Bari, Conversano is a little famous little jewel. Protected by defensive walls, the old stone centre is full of elegant buildings and shops. Do not miss the majestic castle that stands in Piazza della Concordia and from there just get lost in the alleys of the historic centre.

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