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Finding Inspiration for Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry makers are noticing a rise in demand for personalized jewelry, as more consumers look for unique and one off pieces. The inspiration behind a collection of unusual and significant charms, a unique, custom-designed piece of jewelry, or a pair of earrings created with a 3D printer can be found in a variety of places. Whether you want to mark a significant life event or are influenced by a favorite image, personalized pieces of jewelry are not just aesthetically pleasing but they can also tell a story.

Inspiration for Bespoke Pieces

As the popularity for custom-made jewelry grows, consumers are looking for inspiration for designs in unusual places. Personalizing products isn’t just about choosing particular colors and styles any more. It can also involve more individual and subtle design options based on personal memories, style and history. As well as the traditional way to personalize pieces with engravings, now the outline of a favorite picture can be turned into a piece of jewelry. Designer Mauzie Mays finds inspiration in a variety of both traditional and modern sources, from local architecture to the beauty of the outdoor world. As well as creating jewelry from scratch, jewelry makers can repair treasured pieces that have their own unique history, or even mix older pieces with modern design to create a completely new and original item.

Decorative Charms Tell a Story

One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of charms is their ability to tell a story. Besides wanting an attractive embellishment for a necklace or bracelet, you can be inspired to choose a charm because of the significance it holds. Charms can be a physical reminder of important life events, places visited or personal affiliations and connections. A single charm can represent a memorable moment in your life or even support for a charity that is important to you. Adding charms to a bracelet over time turns it into a kind of scrapbook – a collection of meaningful memories and occasions of inspiration that can reflect the influences in your life.

Technology Simplifies Personalization

Despite its historic and traditional roots, jewelry making and design has been influenced by modern technology, making it easier for consumers to add a personal touch. Jewelry is highly configurable and lends itself well to the do it yourself market where online shops offer design tools to help customers create their own pieces. Now, 3D printing brings customized designs to life and an inspirational view, significant life event or even a baby’s footprint can be quickly and easily turned into a tangible item. As well as commissioning or creating inspiring designs, consumers can directly personalize any piece, old or new, with an engraving of names, dates or special phrases and quotes, all ordered online at the point of purchase.

Jewelry has been used for centuries not just for enhancement but also to signify status, demonstrate affection and represent beliefs. With renewed interest in personalization, consumers are looking for unique pieces of jewelry that reflect their own individual style, interests and background. Designers are meeting this demand with inspired one-off pieces while technology allows for easier personalization and customization.