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Read This First If You Are Looking To Get A Tattoo

Don’t pull up to this tattoo appointment just yet. You have probably already made up your mind and you are about to get your first ink. But you want to be sure that you are not going to be frustrated later and start Google-ing for ‘ways to remove a tattoo’.

If it is your first time, then you probably have the reason why you want a tattoo. But you are wondering how it is going to feel, how much it will cost you, and not just the tattoo, but also the after-care, and what next after.

It sure is such fun, and tattoos look cool. But you also have to have a plan. Firstly, make sure you will like it. Here is some expert advice that should sink in first;

How A Tattoo Feels Like (During)

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, this is probably the biggest concern; pain. Well, no cap, it is going to hurt a little or too much, depending on the type of tattoo you are getting as well as the size. It feels like what is happening; a hot needle on your skin.

After some time, the pain might ease a little (note; a little). But if you are getting a crazy design that lets the artist work on you for a longer time, or rather if you are getting a large piece, then the pain would definitely be intense.

How A Tattoo Feels Like After

So the artist is done working on your arm, or leg, or thighs, how does it feel? Tender, swollen, and/ or red; the feeling of a bad sunburn. Even so, it is a bad idea to keep constant pressure or rub on it. Healing is a process and the pain might last a few days.

If it is days since and the pain seems to worsen by the day, it could be caused by an infection and you might need to see your doctor the soonest. You also don’t want to agitate the tattooed areas so make sure you plan ahead; if you are getting a back-thigh tattoo, sitting might be tricky for the few following days. You might also not be able to wear a bra for some parts of your boobs.

How Bad Is The Pain

Well, the answer is; it varies. The size of the tattoo, the place of your body it is, the designs, and much more. Fleshier parts of the body tend to experience the least pain. So if for example, you get a small tattoo on a fleshier part, the pain wouldn’t be as much. But in places with high nerve-ending levels, like knuckles, ankles, fingers, elbows, and such, you might need to brace yourself.

Things To Avoid Before Getting A Tattoo

Some people may think that popping a few shots of tequila would help the pain. Well, that might or might not be true. But you should know that it is risky.

Alcohol thins your blood, which may lead to too much bleeding which may cause two or both of the following; messed up end results due to too much bleeding and risky consequences again due to too much drinking. So, this cancels alcohol right before you get your tattoo.

You probably didn’t think about this but sunburn is also one of the things to avoid. Like said earlier, a tattoo may feel like a really bad sunburn. So, the last thing you want is to work on dry, peeling skin. Also, it is better to let the artist do the shaving on that part. You just might be too nervous to do it yourself and end up with cuts and razor burns.

The Tattoo Artist

Click here to find the best artist in town. Remember that it is just you and the artist here now and if you have done all of the above suggests, you need the artist to do a good job. Look for quality, experience, professionalism, and expertise above every other thing in your artist. If you end up finding a bad tattoo artist and not liking the end result, you can always consider tattoo removal Sydney as a viable option to reverse the damage and give it another shot with a more reliable artist. But, we hope it doesn’t come to that!