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6 Fun Ways to Style Your Henley

What is a Henley shirt, might you ask? It is a collarless pullover shirt that is known for having a round neckline and a placket about three to five inches (8 to 13 cm) long and usually has 2–5 buttons. 

Another way you can look at a henley is by seeing it’s a collarless polo shirt. 

Henley can be made out of many different fabrics such as cotton, cotton-polyester blends, and thermals, their sleeves may be either short or long, and they are normally made as menswear, but women’s versions have appeared as business casual and casual wear.

The buttons at the collar make the henley different from a regular t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt. 

When the temperatures outside begin to drop, build your outfits in levels. What better way to fend off the cold than to form a warm foundation with a good henley shirt as a base layer? 

Henleys offer you, the wearer, the comfort of a t-shirt with the buttoned-up look of a shirt that can also work as a standalone exterior shirt. 

When the cold weather isn’t quite cold enough to warrant wearing thick wool sweaters or fluffy turtlenecks that are covering every skin pore of your upper body, it is time to add a high-quality merino wool henley to your wardrobe, and you have come to the right place, so keep reading.

What are Henley Shirts?

First off, the long-sleeve henley can upgrade an intentionally casual outfit up a notch to make it more worthy of compliments without having to give up any of the comforts. 

Surprisingly enough, henley shirts can be just as fashionable in the short-sleeve style without looking like some variation of a clumsy bowling shirt. 

In fact, movie-goers got a good glimpse of the short-sleeve henley shirt in action in the 2011 hit thriller film called Drive, as it was worn by the star Ryan Gosling who played a troubled get-away driver.

Gosling pumped up the sex appeal that can come from this shirt.

Here are six ways that you can spice up your closet with henley shirts. 

1.) Jeans with a henley shirt

Maybe you are camping and need a henley underneath your button-up shirt in the morning until the weather warms up.

Just put on your favorite pair of jeans, and you are all set; whether you choose to wear it with sneakers or boots is purely up to you. 

2.) Joggers with a henley shirt

Not only can you wear a henley shirt with joggers pants while you are outside actually jogging; you can use the combination indoors as well when you are meeting someone for coffee at a downtown cafe.

You can throw on a color parka coat over your henley or even a fleece zippered-up jacket and wear some sleek sneakers to finish off this athletic yet completely comfortable look.

3.) Sneakers with a henley shirt

Speaking of sneakers, why not try wearing your oatmeal henley shirt with tan sneakers and some light blue trousers with a stylish jacket and some sneakers, 

You can cultivate a unique henley shirt look with sneakers by bringing in bold pieces that you can make a statement with, like colorful jackets.  

Merge that sneaker look with cargo pants and a baseball cap, and you are all ready to go grocery shopping, hop to a motorboat with a close buddy to go fishing, or sit in front of the television on a Sunday afternoon with a few friends to watch a friendly game of football. 

4.) Plaid shirts over your henley 

Put that clean neutral henley shirt of yours under a bright plaid long-sleeve, pair it up with dark-rinse blue jeans and a shiny pair of leather chukka boots, and a lightweight jacket over it all and it is time for date night to get started. 

5.) Suit with a henley shirt 

If you are going to an event that is a little more formal but not quite a wedding or a funeral, you can totally pull off wearing a henley shirt with a blazer and dress pants.

It is the buttons on the henley underneath the jacket that make it possible to get away with not wearing a tie.

If you want to get a little bit fancier, throw on a gorgeous scarf if the season is right for it. 

6.) Chinos with a henley shirt

One of the wonderful things about a henley shirt is that there is a way to make it worth just about any type of pants, depending on what time of situation you will find yourself in.

We have already discussed how you can wear your henley properly with a pair of sporty joggers.

Also, we have already gotten into why henleys go great with denim jeans for a more rustic look.

Being the chinos are a slightly more casual part of pants, you can get away with wearing a vest over your henley and going outside to rake some autumn leaves on a brisk Saturday afternoon if you must.