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Polymer Roofing: Everything Homeowners Need To Know


You may have come across news that highlight the increase in plastic consumption which is leading to landfills and oceans being overloaded with plastic waste. The reason behind this is the indestructible nature of plastic polymer that can only be broken down into smaller pieces but not fully disintegrated. So, researchers are constantly looking for ways to recycle and reuse the plastic waste in a useful way since it can not be destroyed completely. Therefore, they’ve introduced recycled plastics in roofing.

How is a polymer roof formed?

When recycled plastics are melted down, they are used to give rise to a polymer roof.

Why choose a polymer roof? 

Let’s make you walk through the many advantages that a polymer roof offers:

Raw materials 

A polymer roof is formulated from 100% recycled raw materials. Moreover, recycled materials are not required to be of good quality. Low-quality materials can also be used in forming a polymer roof.

Transportation expenses 

Transporting any roofing material for roof repair services can cost you an arm and a leg. But, with a polymer roof, there is no need to keep aside separate money for transport expenses. This is because a polymer roof is immensely lightweight and it would not require a huge truck for its transfer. This would result in saving the utilization of fossil fuels during carriage.

Easy installation 

If installing a roof makes you anxious as the whole process is extremely time-consuming, then a polymer roof is the one for you. 

Being lightweight, it is easier to install a polymer roof and its handling is a piece of cake. Its installation is easier than that of slate or clay roofs. As a result, both your time and money are saved.

Ability to replicate other roofing materials 

While considering reroofing, the visual appearance of any roof is a top priority for its owners. You might think that placing a polymer roof would look dull but that’s not true.

A polymer roof has the power to imitate every sort of roofing material present out there including clay, asphalt shingles, slate, shake, etc. Also, you can get diversity in colors and can get them custom-made by mixing any colors of your choice. This way you are sorted with the appearance.

Minimal maintenance 

Maintenance of a roof can be tough. Why not go for a roof that does not eat up most of your time? I would suggest you go with a polymer roof.

By having installed a polymer roof, you are not obliged to pay special attention to its maintenance. On the other hand, asphalt or wood shingles require proper care and maintenance.

Expected lifespan 

A polymer roof is highly durable about two times more compared to cedar shakes. Since it’s a relatively new technology in the roofing industry, the exact lifetime of a polymer roof cannot be predicted. However, it can last for 50 years or so.

Retention of water

Since the polymer is inorganic, therefore, it prevents the absorption of moisture. As a result, the probability of the growth of lichen, moss, or mold is inhibited. So, it is safe to say that a polymer roof would not cause a problem in wet climates.

Furthermore, there are no granules production which can add up to gutters or into yards as in the case of asphalt shingles.

Fire resistance 

Do you know that a polymer roof has been given a class A rating against fire? well, what do you mean by that? It means the risk of fire that is associated with any roof is terminated.

Can it be recycled?

This might be a question popping in the back of your mind. Well, the answer is, yes a polymer roof can easily be recycled and reused thus not being added as pollutants to the water bodies such as oceans, seas, rivers, etc.

Some factors to consider before installing a polymer roof

Is a polymer roof the best match for your home or business? Before we can answer that, two things need to be kept in mind:


Going for a polymer roof can make a hole in your pocket. Why is that? Although it’s made from a cheaper raw material, plastic, it still requires proper research before installation because the roof is the latest innovation in the roofing industry.

This type of roof can be up to 2 to 3 times more expensive than every other roofing material.


Can you tell me what happens when you keep plastic out in the sun or when the temperature has dropped below 0 degrees? Correct. It expands or contracts accordingly. 

Now, a polymer roof originated from the same plastic, it would show the same effects as plastic. Therefore, this roof provides little insulation compared to other roofing materials. This would lead to increased energy costs.

Hopefully, in the future, the polymer roof can be added with materials that would provide excellent insulation and researchers can work on reducing its cost.


A polymer roof can prove to be the best match for your roof if its shortcomings are neglected.

By choosing a polymer roof, you are benefiting your home and keeping the ecosystem preserved from all the plastic waste that is piling up in it.

This new technology would help in keeping the concept of recycling used and worn out things going and growing.

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