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Changing the meme Game

The word meme was used for the first time sometime in the mid 1970s and since then it has undergone many transformations before finally coming to mean what it does in the present day context. 

Memes are funny images or videos which may be from movies or music videos or captured from real life. They are attached with some texts to establish their context and are generally humorous. Social media was kind of the birthplace of viral memes but since things have changed a lot since then. 

Now, there are a specialised websites which deal mostly with memes. Anyone can start their own page here and share memes that they have created themselves. 

How do these meme websites work?

Content in the form of funny videos and images is now a specialty niche that some websites deal with. Such websites like putput are places that people turn to when they are looking for some laughs. So, what is it that they do? 

Their main job is to put up funny content that is guaranteed to generate laughs. Some of the content may be sourced from the internet while some may be created by the people who run the website. Yet more content may be created by the users on the website. They share it on their profiles and the website might take their content and arrange it into various categories. This makes browsing easier for the users on the website. 

If you have kids around then you would not want to show them some NSFW content. So, you can filter your memes according to the kind of viewer. If you enjoy animal videos and want to watch just those then there is a separate section for that. Other sections include baby videos, anime and manga memes, NSFW content that is best viewed alone, gifs, girl memes, prank videos and many more. 

Once you select the category, you will be taken to a page that will show a list of memes. You can sort this list by selecting ‘Fresh’ which will show you the latest memes that have been uploaded or you can select ‘Hot’ which will show you the most liked memes under that category on the website. Then the scrolling can begin! 

These funny images and videos have been known to be addictive as they can keep people hooked for hours together. Some websites also offer a registration process on their portal so they can keep track of the kind of memes you enjoy and interact with. This can be helpful in putting together a list of suggested memes that you will enjoy. The content will be more engaging for your interest if you decide to register and share your activity on the website with the admins who run the website. 

To Conclude

Funny and engaging content on social media websites is the reason why people can pass away hours with just the company of their phones. It has become a challenge almost to see who can put out the most engaging content and the viewers are the one who are reaping the benefits as more and more creators compete to release better quality content. 

Memes are here to stay as they have become a cultural phenomenon of their own. A whole range of human emotions can be conveyed through them and they form a brilliant outlet for human creativity. This art form was not existent even a decade from now but the boost that it has got from social media has made sure that it will continue for a long time as more and more meme creators do their best to keep viewers engaged.