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What are Luxury Shingles?

If you want to transform your home, there is nothing better than putting on a new roof! And when it comes to roofs, shingles are the best bet. Shingles are a common component of the roofing realm. If you’re familiar with the roofing systems that are in your community, chances are you know about them and how they work.

But if you don’t know the fuss about shingles, then it’s time to learn about it.

In today’s guide, we’re going to be looking at the basics of shingles, why they’re such a popular roofing choice, and the different types. Most importantly, we’ll be looking at luxury shingles and why they’re the best choice for your home.

Your Guide to Roofing Shingles

What are Shingles?

Shingles, in a nutshell, refer to tiles that have rectangular shapes. They’re typically made out of materials such as slate, metal and wood. They’re not only common in the roofing sector, either. That’s due to the fact that they’re also favourite for many homeowners and roofers. Compared to metal sheets, they’re a great option.

Why do people appreciate roofing shingles so much, anyway? Installing them is straightforward and rapid. Roofing shingles tend to be highly economical. Fixing them is usually a pretty straightforward task. They tend to look terrific alongside other homes in residential communities, too.

So a quick summary is in order:

  • They’re easier to install compared to other roofing materials
  • They’re highly economical and cost-effective, including in the installation, the maintenance and if you ever need to replace or repair them
  • They look terrific on homes, adding a regal-like feel to proceedings

But while there are many options available, you have to remember that not only shingles are the same.

The Lavish Joy of Luxury Shingles

While there are many shingles out there that are budget-friendly, there is a section there dedicated to quality, longevity and style. These are known as “luxury” shingles, and compared to the rest, they’re the “best of the best”.

So, what are luxury shingles?

Luxury shingles are ones that are produced with the assistance of asphalt and different materials. The aim behind these shingles is to be able to tolerate higher degrees of environmental factors. Since they weigh a lot more than standard shingles do, they can withstand the hazards of hail, intense snowfall, hurricanes, aggressive winds and beyond. If you have any concerns that involve weather-related damage and your roof, then investing in luxury shingles may be right up your alley.

a roofer nails on the roof tiles

What other things set luxury shingles apart?

They’re not just manufactured using first-class materials. They also tend to have superior thickness. If you notice any shingles that are thicker than the others you’ve seen in the past, then they may be luxury options. Luxury shingles tend to consist of between two and three layers total, too. This is what provides them with that extra layer of protection while remaining strong, durable and effective.

On top of that, they also require less maintenance (as the material is better) and less repairs (because the material lasts longer than expected), meaning more value for yourself and your home. You might spend more on the initial installation and product purchase, but you’ll save in the long-term.

If you’re searching everywhere for shingles that are especially resilient and reliable, then you should explore all of your luxury choices, pronto. There are plenty of different material options available, as well as various colours, style and hues. You can easily find a style and material that works for your home and roof.

How to Get Luxury Shingles!

If you need assistance, then it may help to recruit the guidance of a renowned roofing company ( in your area as well. These are the experts that can support your roof replacement or repairs needs, ensuring you get the roof you want. Most importantly, they can help guide you to find the right luxury shingles.

Look for a trusted company that is known for top-notch roof repairs, replacements and maintenance projects. Professional roofers can offer you invaluable luxury shingle guidance while helping you install your new shingles.

Good luck on your search and enjoy the benefits of luxury shingles today!

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