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A Guide to Essential Professionals for Parents

Nothing rings more accurate than that commonly used saying about children needing a village. Parenting is difficult no matter how many books we read, how much help we have around the house, or how involved the family is. We often need the help of professionals to ensure our children have all they need to grow and develop in a healthy way. This blog acts as a guide to essential professionals for parents.

1. Dentist

Having a great dentist you can trust is vital as a parent. According to Colgate, everyone, including children, should have two yearly dental exams. These exams will ensure that your child’s teeth are developing typically and that no decay is developing, and they will allow the dentist to clean them thoroughly. They’ll be able to educate your child on proper dental hygiene and care. Dentists are also a valuable resource when there is an emergency like cracked or broken teeth, pain, or an injury to the mouth.

2. Great Educators

Children spend a lot of time in school, so choosing the right school with great teachers with whom you can work as a team is invaluable to you and your child. Deciding where your child will attend school is the first step in this journey. As a parent, knowing that you have choices regarding where your child will be educated is important.

Depending on your lifestyle and beliefs, you may want to choose a homeschool setup, a public school, or a private school. According to CAPE, private schools are popular in America, with over 30,000 currently educating students.

When deciding, it’s essential to go to open houses and speak with teachers, administrators, and support staff. Learn about their philosophies, teaching methods, and policies. It would help if you felt comfortable and confident with these professionals. They’ll be vital to your child’s life.

3. Pediatrician

Finding an excellent pediatrician for your child is essential because nothing is more important than your child’s health. This is the professional you will potentially partner with for 18 years, so you and your child must trust this professional and feel at ease. You’ll consult them about your child’s physical health, behavior, and development, so they must fit your lifestyle and fulfill your expectations. When searching for a pediatrician, ask questions about their office hours, their affiliated hospital, their after-hours and emergency procedures, and what insurance they take. It’s also important to discuss how they administer care, vaccines, antibiotics, and anything else you are concerned about.

4. Therapist

Children in today’s society deal with so much, from a global pandemic and world conflict to cyberbullying and the pressure to be successful. It’s no wonder that the effects of these issues manifest in mental health and behavioral problems. According to the CDC, the prevalence of ADHD is on the rise, and 3 in 10 of those cases are coupled with anxiety. So, as a parent, having a therapist can be an essential service that can help your child cope with the ever-growing stress, anxiety, and other issues the world throws at them.

5. Attorney

One professional many parents find essential at some point is an attorney, specifically a family attorney who can help with matters related to children during a divorce. An attorney can not only ensure that you receive fair treatment from the court regarding child custody, parenting time, and financial support, but they can also act as a mediator between the opposing party and their lawyer.

As parents, we all want the very best for our children. There are times when we all get overwhelmed or have an unforeseen circumstance or emergency. Never be afraid to ask for help from professionals offering their expertise and resources.