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Find The Right Denture Alternatives Without Breaking The Bank

For people that have a problem with missing teeth, particularly the elderly, dentures have always been the staple solution because not only are they cost-effective, they are decently reliable. Dentures, whether permanent or removable, work for both form and function when it comes to replacing teeth because not only do they give off a similar appearance to natural teeth, but they will help restore basic functions such as chewing as well. 

It is no surprise that dentures are not for everybody, however, because they can often be uncomfortable especially when they replace most of your natural teeth instead of just a few. Not only that, but they are known to sometimes fall out of place causing some people to swallow them. Luckily there are alternatives to dentures that are available on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and more long-term alternatives to dentures, as well as explore more recent inventions that have the potential to give the masses a solution to missing teeth that is not only cost-effective but impressively long-lasting. 


Whereas traditional dentures restore the form and function of missing teeth by providing a solution that resembles the function of gums, overdentures tend to be better suited for fully restoring the function of natural teeth by screwing the dentures onto titanium implants that are attached to your jaw bone. As you can probably tell, this will allow the dentures to be more stable and stay in place despite more rigid chewing. 

The stability that you get with overdentures improves your ability to chew food significantly. This means you do not have to stick with softer and easier to chew foods, giving you much more versatile dietary options. 

The main drawback is that not everybody is a prime candidate for overdentures. As mentioned, an implant into the jawbone is involved meaning that those who do not have a very stable jaw bone, as well as those who have mineral deficiencies, would be at risk if they go this route. 

Dental Implants 

Dental implants, for the longest time, have been considered to be the best solution for replacing missing teeth for those who want a more stable and long-term solution. Not only do they almost completely resemble natural teeth, they also provide most of the function without you having to worry about them failing when you chew. 

Naturally, there are drawbacks as well. Dental implants, compared to dentures and overdentures, are definitely more expensive because it involves invasive surgery. Because it involves invasive surgery, it also tends to be riskier because as with other forms of surgery, no outcome is ever guaranteed. Despite the reasonable amount of stability that these implants offer, there are in fact a lot of components involved that have the potential to fail at some point, meaning another invasive surgery would have to be undertaken in the future if this occurs. 

The Future Of Missing Teeth Restoration

Patients that are suffering from the confidence-crushing effects of tooth loss need not worry though, because several solutions are coming about in dental medicine that would provide the affordability of dentures but with far more reliability. Ideally, an affordable alternative to dentures would not involve risky and highly invasive surgery but would restore more of the functions of natural teeth than what traditional dentures can provide.

Not only that, but this alternative would be available to a wide range of patients because the procedure would not be risky to undertake, meaning the number of risk factors would be far fewer. The pace of innovation within dental medicine is truly awe-inspiring. If these trends continue, there is no reason why a perfect smile should not be attainable for the masses!