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Bring the Inside Out with These Beautifully Designed Outdoor Lounge Settings

If you find your backyard or front porch in need of a makeover, the best way to breathe new life to it is with a new furniture set. Outdoor lounge sets bring added charm, coziness and color to any sleepy area of your yard. They come in different materials that are built to withstand the outside elements.

Home living and lifestyle stores like Domayne offer an array of outdoor lounge sets that can fit a small nook of your outdoor lanai, make a focal point of your front porch or complete the entire look of your backyard. Click here to view your outdoor lounge options and a variety of designs to choose from. Here are also some samples of beautifully designed outdoor lounge sets to help you decide on which suits your home best.

Backyard Dining

Rattan wicker material is usually the material used for outdoor furniture, like for outdoor lounge sets. Made of synthetic polyethylene resin material, these types of outdoor lounge set is easy to clean and maintain. They have better longevity as well to withstand different weather conditions and change in seasons.

You can check Skargaarden Scandinavian patio furniture for a variety of styles and designs that will suit your preference. It includes a three-seater sofa, two lounge chairs, and a coffee table, all made from teak wood and canvas fabric.

Most lounge sets, from the name itself, are primarily for sitting. But you can also choose an outdoor lounge set with extra stools and a high enough table that can double as a dining table.

This will help you maximize not only outdoor space, but also serve as an additional entertainment area for family and friends.

Corner Nook

If you are only looking to decorate a cozy corner of your outdoor patio or front lanai, you can opt for an two-seater outdoor lounge set with small coffee table.

You can choose nice sleek metallic set that looks better in darker hues like black or gray. Or you can opt for a more natural feel and go for a polished wooden lounge set that goes well with your garden’s natural backdrop.

Focal Front Porch

For making over your front porch, you can make the outdoor lounge set as the area’s focal point by choosing pieces that complement the overall look of your home.

Domayne’s Gravity Outdoor Lounge Chair is the perfect outdoor lounge set choice for adding more style and flare for that area. You can choose from the usual set of three-seater with single side chairs. Or you can opt for a longer L-shape lounger if the space is smaller.

Add contrasting colors by adding geometric or patterned pillow cushions to complete the outdoor look, ready for any season.

So take a step outside your home and assess your outdoor area. Start imagining how it can even be more beautiful with these outdoor lounge sets that you and your guests would definitely have fun memories with.