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How to Pick The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ve found the perfect person, now it’s time to find the perfect place to commit your life to each other. But there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your wedding. From food to theme and more, let’s look at the factors that you’ll need to consider if you want to find the ideal venue for your celebration:

  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Theme 
  • Catering
  • Entertainment

Each of these factors is super important because they make up such a big part of the day. So each area needs to be covered by the venue you choose to minimize stress and bring your dream wedding to life. 


You might find the most beautiful wedding venue, but if it’s in the wrong location then the wedding just won’t work there. You need to find a place that not only you can get to, but your guests can too. So if you’ve been dreaming of a destination wedding on the beach, you need to make sure that everyone can get there. Similarly, if you’re looking for something in your state but it’s still a while away from where you live, think about whether there’s enough accommodation in the surrounding area for your guests to stay in too. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding venue in a stunning location in New Zealand, look no further than VR Weddings. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking backdrops in Hanmer Springs, serenity by the lake in Rotorua or the perfect location in Auckland, the VR Weddings venues are both memorable and enchanting. The tranquility of Hanmer Springs offers guests an opportunity to marvel at the views whilst celebrating your special day. If the contrast between alluring lakeviews and captivating geothermal wonders peaks your interest, our Rotorua venue nestled next to Lake Rotoiti would be the perfect destination. The vibrant energy of Auckland offers a lively and high-spirited atmosphere for your party to enjoy. The venues at VR Weddings offer extraordinary New Zealand locations for you and your guests to create cherished memories.


The size of your wedding will also dictate which venue you pick. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding, then you won’t really need to think too much about whether the venue could accommodate your party. This is because a hotel or events venue will easily be able to accommodate 50 or so people. However, if you’re having a large wedding celebration, then you’ll need to make sure that the venue you choose can fit your party inside comfortably – no one wants to be squashed in like sardines at a wedding reception!


From color scheme to decoration theme, this is another important factor when picking the perfect venue for your wedding. Your venue can be a huge part of keeping the theme consistent, especially if you want to have a strong theme throughout. Some couples may just want to have consistent colors in decor, but if you’ve got an actual vision for your wedding then you should make sure your venue reflects your theme. For example, if you want to have a rustic, nature-themed wedding, then you could look at outdoor venues or barns to host your wedding celebration.


The venue you choose may come with caterers included, or have the right facilities for a catering team to work in. Either way, you need to consider the catering side of things too. If a venue comes with caterers, then it’s important to make sure that the food they produce is what you want at your wedding. 


Whether you’re having a live band or a whole entertainment show at your wedding, the venue needs to have the capacity to host your wedding entertainment. From stages to dance floors and even more technical checks such as making sure there’s enough electrical sockets to get set up, the perfect wedding venue needs to be able to host your wedding the way you want it. 

VR Weddings is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a venue that ticks all the boxes, including preserving the beauty of your special wedding dress. Stunning locations in Hanmer Springs, Rotorua, and Auckland offer breathtaking backdrops and enchanting settings for your dream wedding. Their venues provide capacity for your guests and ensure that your theme is beautifully reflected in the decor. Plus, with top-notch catering services and ample space for entertainment, VR Weddings offers a complete package to create cherished memories that will be preserved for a lifetime.