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Should College Students Consider Creating Livelihoods Based On Tourism?

“Art History student, coming through!” I shouted as I casually walked past the tourists in the line to the Vatican. They’ve been waiting for hours in the rain, and enter this privileged kid waving a student ID?

As a student, you always take advantage of your ID. It’s the ultimate cheat code for cheap hotels, flights, and skipping lines of tourists. I left the Vatican that day with dozens of photos which later ended up on stock websites and blogs – making me good cash.

There are many smart ways to make money as a traveling student. The key is knowing your strengths.

#1 Hustling

Hustling puts you in a position where you have to work smart and be creative. LivingBobby has a series of videos where he takes $1 and turns it into $1000 in New York City. This is an excellent example of true hustling.

You can resell discounted clothes, or get paid to participate in social experiments or app reviews. If that’s your cup of tea – check out Living Bobby for inspiration.

#2 Busking

Got musical talent? Cities like Rome, Paris, and Prague are very welcoming towards street musicians. If you can play a cover or two, grab your guitar and hit the streets. Visit busking communities to find perfect spots and musical styles for each city.

And stay aware! Legend has it that the mafia monitors many busking spots in cities like Rome.

#3 Freelancing and Stock Websites

Prefer something more casual? There are thousands of jobs uploaded on Up work every day. Whether you’re a writer or a starting designer – freelancing platforms are a great way to sharpen your skills and build your portfolio.

If you’re more into photography or music – check out stock websites like audiojungle or

#4 Teaching (Anything)

You don’t have to teach English – although language teachers are always in high demand. As a study abroad, you can use this to your advantage!

You can also make a buck by teaching how to draw, write, play an instrument – or becoming a tour guide with

#5 Travel Blogging

You’ve seen those posts on Instagram with traveling couples who drink champagne with the Eiffel Tower in the background. That’s travel blogging – and yes they make money doing it.

There’s lots of information on how to set up a travel blog online and monetize it. Just be careful – because you might end up famous!

#6 Writing

Writers have it easy – Writers have it easy – there are always hundreds of writing jobs available online. You can benefit from freelancing websites like Upwork, classifieds like Craigslist or essay writing services like EssayPro.

Most online writing follows the same format – you don’t have to be Hemingway to do it. We all had to start somewhere!

#7 Picking Fruits

Fruit picking has saved countless tourists from being broke. With all the schemes and websites available like Falling Fruit, you can easily connect with farmers and get picking. Such jobs are often advertised in local tourist magazines like What’s On – so keep your eye out on the coffee table.

#8 Cruise Ship Work

Getting on a cruise ship is a great way to make money in the summer. Cruise jobs are long-term; you can’t fit them into your weekend trip. There are many roles you can take on a cruise: a barman, a musician, a waiter – the list goes on. Cruise ship work is perfect for those who are looking for a dynamic new life experience.

#9 Nightclub Promoter

We all know that girl in college who can get you on the guest list to any club. That’s as a nightclub promoter. Yes, she gets paid to bring people to the party and… party.

Lots of college-local nightclubs target students with discounts and thematic parties. They also benefit from hiring student promoters to spread the word of the party. If you enjoy the nightlife and want to make some money partying – this option is for you!