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4 Ways to Rock Metallic Tattoos This Year

Calling all the people with a passion for fashion!! Do you think gold tattoo and you, have a connection?

Remember the stick on tattoos that rubbed off easily with water from the ‘90s? Remember the way they made us feel? Remember our parents calling out from the kitchen, then only to find out our limbs full of the weirdest cartoon characters? I bet those tattoos made you feel awesome, as you were aware you could change it anytime you like; into something newer and better. Gone are those days, but you can still experience that feeling with these fancier metallic tattoos.

Being in trend since 2015, temporary flash tattoos have been adding fun and twists to the fashion world. No matter what the output, it appears that these metallic beauties are perfect for offering a subtle yet cute alternative to typical jewellery accessories. Sounds weird, looks amazing.

Gold is the most precious metal that you can get, and we are no longer content in using gold for food, people are obsessed with gold in tattoo designs. From Beyoncé’s hips to Perrie Edward’s forehead and Vanessa Hudgens’ nails, the celebs have been rocking gold tattoos.

Thinking how do they work? Place them on your skin, dampen up and peel the applicator away, leaving in its place an awesome metallic accessory.

Gold tattoo designs vary from statement phrases to intricate bracelets and can be fully customized to suit your needs. Whether you want to host your own metallic tattoo party or you are channelling your inner Beyoncé, here are 4 ways to rock metallic tattoos this year.

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Wear it Like Queen B

You might be wondering how? Celebrities have always been a source of fashion inspiration, in fact, metallic flash tattoos became big because of their endorsements as it is. The Little Mix Star, Perrie Edwards posted some photos on Instagram showing her gold tattoo mimicking a headband, giving way to a boho hair look.

Gold Tattoos basically bring Coachella to the room, maybe even more. Need more inspiration?

Another flash tattoo fan, BEYONCE used a mix of Zahra, Sofia, Lena and Nikki ranges to enjoy her holiday spirit being adorned in gold jewellery from her neck to her hips.

In fact, Queen B has her own line of tattoos in black, the Doreon Tattoos Line.

Feel the style in The Boho Looks

Bohemian fashion can never go out of trend. The way we dress, from the garments to accessories, everything is inspired by the boho-chic fashion. Travel bloggers have been getting this exotic feel even more with pretty golden flash tattoos, making the most of their awesome getaways.

Boho combined with exotic is where the peripatetics are the most comfortable.

Give it Some Extra Glam

For those of us who love all that extra bling and glitter, metallic flash tattoos can flaunt the glamour that defines you. You can wear it around your arms or as a necklace, wrist or ring bracelet, use it in alignment down your back, on a normal day or to add glam to your usual exercise routines.

Exotic is the Name of the Newest Fashion Game

Whether you want to be a Saharan princess or an Amazon Queen, your inner spirit will absolutely admire the stunning metallic tattoos from Delafee. Made with 24-carat gold, their tats are breathtakingly beautiful.

Need something more exotic? Dating back to the early 1990s, the Kurdish slavery designs are now seen as a symbol of beauty.

Temporary GOLD tattoos are really taking off popularity as gold holds everything in its power. People are now drawn to these tattoos as great-looking status symbols that often call for attention. They are compelling and beautiful.