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Top Wall Design Ideas for Your Room

Artwork on your wall is not simply a decoration, it is a statement and a way to add character to your room. Wall décor can be a saver from boredom. It can highlight the beauty of the wall or visually improve the whole design of the room. Follow these simple décor ideas to achieve the look of a professionally designed room.

Different Rooms Different Decorations

You have to think about the purpose of the room in the first place. You may experiment with expensive paintings in your small kitchen, but family recipes, even in the most expensive frames, will not be suitable for your bathroom. Check out these basic laws of wall décor:

  • Bedroom. This is a place where you can freely relax and dream about your future. It is a place to build bold plans and get inspiration. You may try wooden maps from or paintings with soothing colors;
  • Kitchen. Usually, it is one of the underestimated spaces when it comes to wall décor. However, since it is the most visited room in the house, you have to design the kitchen carefully. Whether you hang on the walls inspirational quotes, ancient family recipes, or small paintings, it must all be atmospheric;
  • Working space. You may call it the office room or just working space at home. You have to decorate it properly, so it can inspire you to work harder or be more productive. Photos of your family and friends will suit it well, warming the cold business atmosphere and making it family-friendly. Make it more personal so you will always remember why you need to work;
  • Living room. This is the most popular place for wall paintings or any art design. This is the room you usually invite your guests to. Make sure that it is not overloaded with decorations, and wall design matches the rest of the room;
  • Bathroom. Not many people know that bathrooms can be decorated with wall art as well. However, you can’t miss the opportunity to decorate your bathroom with stylish paintings or even cross-stitching. Think about abstraction on the walls or water-inspired themes, like lighthouses, for example.

Splendid Ideas for Your Design

Before you start searching for art to hang on the wall, think about something you really like. It can be colors or animals, favorite artists, and styles you love. Choose wall design based on these factors. Here are top tips for your home décor:

  • Size is important. You can select a gigantic picture or map that covers the entire wall to make the room visibly bigger. Pay attention! You can’t hang massive pictures in the bathroom even if it’s big. Instead, you can hang several small pictures. Take measurements and decide the length and width of pictures on the wall;
  • Style. Every room in your home may already have a specific style. You have to follow the major concept with the wall art. Think about the style: is it Scandi, coastal, modern, or traditional? It may also be oriental or western. Each of them requires specific décor on the walls. For example, Scandi cold colors require soft and warm art. The most suitable decision for any style is to hang the family picture on the wall with an appropriate frame that matches the room design;
  • Color. You don’t have to match the painting to the wall entirely, but it can tie in somehow with the existing color scheme. Art décor can go in contrast with the room design. It can make an accent on a particular wall. The most popular decision for newbies is to pick two colors that are already in the room and find the painting or any other art with these colors;
  • Theme. If you have a room with a theme, you can easily add more to the total atmosphere with proper art. If you like oriental design, you can hang Japanese paintings, if your topic is travel, try a wooden map.

Choose With Heart

No matter what designers recommend you to do, it is your own home, and it must be a safe space for you. Listen to the basic recommendations but choose wall decorations based on your own preferences. Think about the art you want to see every day.