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Seven Advantages in Adopting Rescue Dogs

Everyone is aware that having a dog is good for your well-being. Dogs help increase positive hormones in your brain while also helping to decrease cortisol, known as the stress hormone. However, what many people might not know is that there are a variety of health-related and economic benefits of adopting a rescue dog.

1. Access to many breeds

Although it is depressing that so many dogs need rescuing, the fact of the matter is that potential dog adopters have the ability to choose a dog of their liking. This is important because many breeds are unavailable. For instance, miniature pinschers are notoriously difficult to find, but you can search online at regional shelters and find one with a click of a button. Additionally, if you are searching in your neighborhood, you can put in a request. When a specific breed comes in, you will receive a call. Unfortunately for so many dogs, you will likely receive a call in no time.

2. Multiple locations

Rescue centers are located throughout regions and countries across the globe. Finding the dog you want can be done easily via an online search. Once you find the right dog, all you have to do is schedule a trip to the shelter of your choice.

3. Brings you closer to your pet

All owners benefit from the unconditional love a dog provides. However, one of the best benefits of adopting a rescue dog is how rescuing a dog makes you feel. Knowing that you saved a dog is pretty powerful, and it creates a lasting bond between you and your pet.

4. Able to find a specific dog to match your situation

If you have children, you will want a socialized dog that loves small humans and does not view them as something to bite or chase. If you live in the city or want a watch dog, you will want one that has been bred to be protective. If you want a happy life, you will want one that is intelligent and can be trained.

Of course, if you work most of the day and will be away from the house, you might require two dogs to keep one another company. At the very least, you will need a dog that is mature enough to be left alone all day. Whatever your situation, rescuing a dog from a shelter is an excellent option when your situation requires a specific type of dog to be successful in a particular situation.

5. Already received some pre-training

Shelter dogs are often trained to accept a leash and behave around humans. Additionally, while they are at a shelter, they become acclimated to people approaching them, which helps them become friendlier.

Finally, they often receive socialization by being introduced to other dogs in group time. Although some centers do not have group time, the ones that do are able to interact with the dogs and identify which ones behave well with both people and other dogs. Following such supervision, the dog’s behavior is noted on its dog’s chart. Via these notes, you have the opportunity to get to know your dog before the adoption process begins.

For problem dogs or dogs that are not trained, shelters can recommend quality trainers, such as Kats4Dogs Dog Training. An experienced trainer can give your dog the training he or she needs to succeed in your home. Additionally, during training, you have the opportunity to become better acquainted with your dog as an experienced trainer teaches you how to handle a dog that might have emotional issues.

6. Healthy

Shelter dogs receive all their heart and rabies shots. Additionally, they are tended by a veterinarian because many come into the shelter malnourished. Simply put, when you visit your local dog shelter, you are guaranteed to get a healthy pet.

7. Helps battle puppy mills

One of the reasons so many dogs are abandoned is because puppy mills breed dogs and sell them. Of course, not all the puppies are sold, so many of them are abandoned. As strays, they eventually are picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter. By committing yourself to never buying a dog from a puppy mill, you can put such mills out of business. Basically, by rescuing a dog and putting the squeeze on mills, you help protect other dogs from suffering.

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