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How to Make a Life-Changing Career Shift

Lack of contentment in your current industry is never a happy place to be. You may want to jump sector entirely or get out of a progression rut. For some people, the degree they trained in just isn’t satisfying them anymore, while for others they are frustrated with their company’s lack of willingness to promote them. If you recognize this cycle of discontentment, here’s how to make the right steps forward.

Be honest with yourself

Are you actually happy in your current line of employment? Having a hard look at your day-to-day existence at work and identify what’s troubling you will help you create a precise course moving forward. Is it your boss that’s making you anxious? Are you uninterested in what you’re doing? Getting an answer, no matter how difficult it may be to initially stomach, will help you formulate a plan to move forwards. If you can find a link between your current line of work and what you want to go into – even as tenuous as it may seem – it will reassure you that this move isn’t so drastic after all.

Talk to mentors

When it comes to finding support for a big career move, hearing experience from the horse’s mouth is the best way to gauge which path you want to take. For example, if you wanted to head into finance, then connecting with finance directors on LinkedIn, or reaching out to an acquaintance in that field is one of the best ways to find out more. By contacting someone who is in the know, you will have also networked with your first connection. While your mentor may not be able to get you a job, you never know where it could lead you in the future.

Re-educate yourself

Going back into education for perhaps the second time in your life can feel like a decisive and monumental shift. It can also be the biggest indicator that you want to start it all again. However, there is no need to return to campus life and be forced to subsist on ramen noodles. Online courses allow you to study majors in your own time and around any current employment you may be in. For example, Suffolk University Online allows you to earn a Master of Science in Finance without the confines of a physical college.

Don’t over-do your resume

It can be tempting to go over the top with your resume when you’re entering a new industry. The need to overcompensate often follows the worry that a new employer will see you as a fraud. However, it’s important that you don’t go over two pages; otherwise your employer just won’t be interested. You may be worried about your lack of relevant experience, however, it’s your achievements that really count. Being able to prove that you earned successes in your previous lines of work shows that you understand the benefits of a good work ethic and applying yourself.

One of the hardest parts of changing profession is committing to the thought or action of finally doing it. After that, it’s a matter of making strategic plans; once you’re on your way, who knows where your new career could take you.