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Venus in Fur

Fur vests are one of those timeless items that any classy woman should always have in her wardrobe. Chic, classic or edgy, there’s a fur vest for any personality, and Elpidio Loffredo knows that very well. Each Elpidio Loffredo fur is designed with a type of woman in mind.

The Brand

Elpidio Loffredo is a prestigious Italian brand specialized in natural furs of mink, fox, chinchilla, sable, lynx and mutton. The most superior raw materials are selected by experts to create a flawless balance between quality and price. The luxurious Elpidio Loffredo fur coats are manufactured with sublime attention to details in their artisan laboratory in Pompei, Italy, where dreams do come true.

Elpidio Loffredo has a vast selection of furs coats for any need and desire. How do they balance beauty with practicality? Apart from warmth and charm, some other considerations include durability and cost. That’s where Elpidio Loffredo comes in action. Fur coats are made by real artisan’s hands, with sublime care. You can rest assured that your fur will last a lifetime. And here’s where price comes to mind. It’s evident that fur coats are luxury products, but Elpidio Loffredo immensely cares about the right balance between quality and price. That is also why old customers keep coming back.

Elegance Made in Italy

When it comes to elegance, Italians truly do it better. Italian fashion has always been the expression of creativity and craftsmanship. Elpidio Loffredo is no exception and it’s a brand renowned for the quality of the textiles and the elegance and refinement of their construction. Elpidio Loffredo style is quite unmistakable, helped along, no doubt, by Italy’s rich design history.

Furs are Back in Style

We‘ve seen fur coats on the latest Fashion Week catwalks in Milan, Paris and New York and it has simply confirmed that fur coats are one of those items that never really goes out of fashion and, indeed, cyclically returns to be a trendy item. A must-have in the wardrobe.

Fur coats are no longer considered as an old-fashion piece. They have morphed into something both classy and trendy. Fur coats have conquered, today more than ever, a very heterogeneous public. If before it was thought to be destined to a target of mature women, today, even girls love this garment and wear it in the most various situations. Fur coats can be elegant and classy, but also extremely casual depending on the case.

How to Choose the Perfect Fur

The perfect fur is the one that best suits your needs. There are those women who want to be more fashionable, and those who prefer to buy a more classic item – able to stand up to any situation.

But how do you choose the perfect fur? The first thing you have to look at is your needs as mentioned, but also the occasions when you want to use this precious coat. Moreover, it is also important to choose according to your body type and height: for every need and every physique, the fur of your dreams exists. Secondly, think in terms of the type of fur, colour, length and style.

Elpidio Loffredo not only disposes of a vast choice of fabulous furs, but they are also extremely helpful with their customers. Elpidio Loffredo staff is always available to give you the proper advice and send you to the fur of your dreams.

Are you a true fashionista, or do you prefer to be more discreet? You’ve just got a promotion and want all the world to know about it? A long-haired mink fur is perfect for you. Check out the Blue Iris Mink Coat. The main features that make this mink coat so elegant are the rever collar, the hook-and-eye closure, the full sleeves and a modern stylish lining that gives the coat that extra Je ne sais pas quoi.

For a more casual, but equally sophisticated look, nothing beats Elpidio Loffredo coats. A fur-lined jacket or parka gives you the warmth and luxury of fur. Check out for reference the beautiful Cashmere Loro Piana Coat with Barguzinsky Russian Sable Fur Vest which is the perfect balance between trendy and comfortable. This lovely sable fur vest can be worn every day and is also perfect for a night out in the city.

For those who want something more playful and modern, technological advances mean that designers have more room for creativity than ever before. Check out the sporty and fancy Orange or Pink Mink Fur Vest with Hoodie.

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