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Should You Repair, or Choose a New Roofing Installation in Boston?

A new roofing installation in Boston is often a costly investment for any homeowner! No doubt a new roof’s price is one reason why many Boston homeowners put off a roof installation as long as possible, but this can be a costly mistake and, in the long run, even more expensive than investing in a new roof.

A Boston roofing contractor is the best source of advice and information when it comes to your home’s roofing needs, but note some vital information about roof repairs versus reroofing. You can then discuss your options with your contractor and make the best decision for your home, knowing that you’ll be happy with that roof overhead for many years to come!

Choose Roofing Installation in Boston for an Aged Roof

As with any other building material around your home, roofs have an expected lifespan. This lifespan depends on roofing materials, quality of installation, weather conditions in your area, damage caused by trees and other elements, and the like.

Most asphalt roofs last between seven and twenty years; after that time, shingles simply break down and split, crack, and fall away from the home. Slate and clay roofs often last far longer but these materials also break down after a few decades, suffering cracks and broken tiles. Metal roofs also last for decades but might eventually rust or come away from their connectors and need replacing.

When deciding if you should opt for repairs or an entirely new roofing installation in Boston, consider the age of your home’s roof and its materials, as well as repair costs. If your home has a ten-year-old asphalt roof, as an example, and it needs several thousand dollars in repairs, consider that you might need to pay for a new roofing installation in Boston soon enough! Rather than spending a few thousand dollars now, and then several more thousand in a few years, opt for a roof replacement.

When a New Roofing Installation in Boston Means More Value

Only a real estate agent or property appraiser can note if a new roofing installation in Boston will increase your property’s value, but keep in mind that an aged, worn roof in disrepair or that is downright unsightly can decrease your home’s worth! If you’re looking for an effective way to enhance your home’s appearance while preserving or increasing its value, a new roofing installation in Boston is an excellent option.

Some specific roofing choices might also increase your home’s value more than others. For instance, a metal roof typically offers more insulating properties than other materials and might last for several decades before needing repairs, making your home more valuable than if you chose generic asphalt shingles. Slate and clay tiles offer a stylish, Mediterranean look that might also increase your home’s salability and value.

Note, too, that a new roof can increase a home’s curb appeal instantly. An older, faded roof can make your entire house seem rundown and shabby, and even a bit neglected. As a homeowner, you might be surprised at how well a roofing installation in Boston improves the home’s overall appearance, creating a fresh new look you’re sure to love!

Today’s choices in roofing might also mean added insulation for your home, which then lowers your utility costs. Metal roofs, as said, provide more insulating properties than asphalt shingles. Thick, dense clay and slate tiles also keep out heat and cold better than thin shingles. Choosing these materials for a new roofing installation in Boston can mean lower utility costs throughout the year, making them a better value overall.

How Long Will Roof Repairs in Boston Last?

Some roof repairs on Boston properties are meant as quick fixes and they might provide some limited protection against leaks and other issues. For instance, a roof coating might fill in small cracks and other such damage, but old, weakened shingles are likely to keep cracking and creating interior water leaks. That coating might last no more than a year or two, at which time you’ll need added repairs.

While some affordable repairs might be a workable solution for roof damage, note if those repairs will last long enough to justify their cost and putting off a new roofing installation in Boston. In many cases, it’s often a better option in the long run to simply invest in a new roof altogether rather than face repeated repair bills over the years.

A New Roofing Installation in Boston Means No Repairs for Years!

No matter the quality of your Boston roof repairs, you will no doubt need to schedule repeated repairs over the years once your roof reaches a certain age or condition, as said. An older, leaking roof also means risking interior water damage and resultant mold growth, insect infestation, and other such costly issues.

Investing in a high-quality, durable roofing installation in Boston means not having to worry about interior damage or roof repairs for several years, if not decades! This is an important factor for anyone looking to stay in their home for years, and those looking to make long-term financial decisions.

You might decide to invest in a new roof now, for example, so that you can retire in a few years without worrying about home repairs. If your parent’s home needs roof repairs, you might invest in a new roof instead, so you don’t need to worry them having to deal with a leaking roof, mold, and the like.

Choosing a new roofing installation in Boston also means being able to put your home on the market in a few years, if you so choose, without worrying about the roof’s overall condition or buyers who might try to “haggle” your asking price because of the home having an older, worn-out roof. Potential buyers might appreciate a home with a roof that’s only a few years old, as they know they won’t need to worry about repair or reroofing for several years after their new home purchase! Keep these points in mind when trying to decide between immediate roof repairs or a new roofing installation in Boston for your home.