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LAV Direct Explains the Many Benefits of Membership

The overall market share of online shopping has skyrocketed over the past few years. People shop online due to its convenience, selection, and competitive pricing. For savvy consumers, there are great ways to save even more money when shopping online.

Becoming a member of an online shopping site, like LAV Direct, is one of the best ways to save money. Members can rake in huge discounts, as well as having VIP access to sales and special deals. For example, LAV Direct provides their members the opportunity to earn money with four separate streams of passive income.

This article will explain how becoming a member can be beneficial to a shopper’s bottom line and provide unique opportunities that can’t be accessed anywhere else.

Access to High-Quality Products

One of the top benefits of being a member of LAV Direct is having premier access to the best brand-name products. Online shopping sites often have great deals on brand-name merchandise, rivaling and sometimes beating outlet malls on a dollar-per-dollar basis.

Online sites can showcase brand-name merchandise through exciting partnerships. When customers shop for high-quality merchandise on these sites, they can be confident they are getting deep discounts.

Deep Discounts, Reduced Shipping, & Exclusive Events

LAV Direct is able to offer deep discounts to their customers because they buy in bulk and practice higher-volume sales. They also don’t have to deal with the extra expenses associated with brick-and-mortar storefronts. By doing this, LAV Direct passes these savings on to their customers. Members can receive discounts up to 70% off the retail price. LAV Direct’s promotions are exclusive to their members.

Another benefit of LAV Direct’s membership program is that it provides free or reduced UPS shipping prices to their members.

Ability to Earn Money

LAV Direct has another exciting feature. They are willing to share some of their profits with customers who become members. Becoming a member of LAV Direct offers an opportunity to make money while doing what many people enjoy, shopping. Members can become an affiliate and make money when their referrals become members. They also make money when these referrals make purchases.

Affiliates get their own online store reselling all of LAV’s merchandise, which makes for a fun way to earn extra money. To add more luster to the deal, LAV ships all the orders so each affiliate never has to purchase, store or ship any inventory. Members can choose their favorite products and the market they wish to sell in or they can purchase the dedicated marketing assistance package and LAV will do most of the work for them. Some members may choose to sell children’s products while others may choose to sell women’s clothing. Whichever product category a member selects, they can be assured that they are selling a high-quality product at a competitive price.

There are no hidden costs, other than your monthly membership fee. LAV Direct’s entire catalogue is available to its members, not only to shop from, but also to profit from.

In today’s challenging economy, it is even more important to provide opportunities for members to make money while working at home. The member affiliate program has been especially valuable and rewarding to seniors, people with disabilities, and others who need to work at home.

Taking Advantage of Online Memberships

While paying a monthly fee for an online shopping site may seem like an added bill, it is associated with greater savings overall. People who shop online frequently find that they can receive discounts that make a real difference in their monthly budget.

Since online shopping is taking over some of the market share previously occupied by brick-and-mortar stores, it is even more important to search out and take advantage of member opportunities whenever possible.

With LAV Direct, not only will you save money while shopping for everyday items, but you’ll also have the chance to make money. This program can provide great opportunities and allow members to take advantage of the growing online retail market.