Monday, April 19, 2021

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7 Hot New Trends in the World of Pools

As the years go by the average size of a backyard in Australia is slowly getting smaller, but this has not hindered the love of pools in the backyards. Thus, there are new trends that keep coming up and innovative designs that fit perfectly in small spaces. Read on and find out the latest trends in the world of pools you could also explore for your backyard.

The new trends in the world of pools

1. Get a plunge pool

If you have a spacious backyard and still want to enjoy the amenities of a luxurious pool, then this could work for you. These pools will be custom-made to fit your needs and the current space you have, you can have a heated pool, some powerful swim jets to ensure you enjoy the benefits of swimming laps, and if you can’t wait to take a dip in your pool you can try the reinforced plunge pools. These reinforced plunge pools are ready to swim, no wait time with this option.

2. A dark interior is a new thing

A lagoon type of backyard pool is the new hot thing; the dark blues create a unique look; also, the debris and dust that fall in the pool don’t stand out as much. And with the dark finish, it can retain the light much better, so if you are also looking to have your pool heated, this is much cheaper in the long run.

3. A shallow depth type of pool

We are all used to the traditional pools having a deep end on one side and a shallow depth on the other, but this has changed. Shallow pools are the new trend because most people want to use pools for water sports and exercise. And looking at the cost, it is much cheaper constructing this type.

4. Some ledges and bars

Backyard pools are more for relaxing and bonding rather than swimming. It is the go-to chill spot for family and friends during the summer, and for this reason, having built-in bars and ledges have become a hot trend. With the built-in bar, it offers you more options as you relax and cool off, instead of the simple small raft. And with the ledges, it creates more seating options when having your social gatherings. 

5. Spools if a pool is too big

For small backyards, you are not restricted to just a plunge pool; you can also explore the idea of a spool. These are perfect for small backyards or a villa. They don’t take up too much to create such an appealing luxurious look, thus, living you extra space to have for more outdoor features, maybe a small outdoor kitchen that can come handy in your next barbeque event.

6. Create some shade by the pool

Remember we said pools are not famous for just swimming in this new era, so how about having a shaded area where people can chill. You can take advantage of Pergolas and Pavilions, together with your outdoor kitchen; this is the best setup for your backyard.

7. Go fresh with mineral pools.

Now, this is the next level in backyard pools, mineral water that has been infused with potassium and magnesium. You enjoy the freshwater, great for your health and also offers benefits to the environment.

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