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Diamond Painting

“Be creative, and make your place colorful”

Diamond Painting is similar to paint by numbers. It is built with tiny and portable twinkling resin beads that resemble diamonds and adherent plastic canvas. It is also referred to as diamond cross-stitch, diamond dotz, diamond art, and diamond embroidery. It is an artwork in which the artist needs to place the related color beads correctly according to the portrait structure. The DMC color system is applied while choosing the correct position of placing beads. Also it is a fun trend that fascinates people looking for a pleasuring activity with its gleaming diamond drills and several beautiful designs. Let’s get start to understand the concept. Each diamond painting kit has different qualities, with different applications. With the unique, attachments, and accessories, understanding everything diamond painting has to offer can get rambling.


The modern Diamond Painting was first created by a Chinese company but the origin of it is still unknown. The pioneers developed a technique to construct a canvas with printed graphic structures. Before the invention, velvet canvas was being used by craftsperson to easily put beads. Though, the glue on the velvet canvas could not maintain adhesion for a long time. However, the beads cannot hold to it firmly. Currently, Diamond Paintings are all constructed with resin beads. 

Types of Diamond Painting

There are the terms used in this artwork “full drill” and “partial drill” based on the coverage of the printed area of the picture; “full drill” refers to the complete coverage of the picture by beads, while “partial drill” refers to the incomplete or partial coverage of the picture by beads. There are two types of diamond painting drill:

  • Full Square drill or Diamond Mosaic
  • Round drill or Diamond Cross-stitch

  • Full Square Drill:

50% craftsmen use this type of diamond painting drill and the reason is, it enhances sharp lines and improves the picture’s overall cleanness that is all an artist needs. The full square drill gives an impression of mosaic so people use term “Diamond Mosaic” with the fact that there is less or no space between the beads. The size of the square beads is 0.25 cm.


They usually favor a higher facet cut that gives more sparkling effect to the picture, they also fills the canvas space. 


This process is complex. The square diamonds are quite difficult to place in a proper pattern, which generally causes a much longer painting process. Require more energy and consistency. There is a common issue that appears during full square drilling is that diamond usually fit too tightly and cause the drill to “drop” up from the canvas but can be solved by some tricks and use of strong adhesive glue.

  • Round Drill:

25 of the craftsmen choose this type of diamond painting drill with the thought that, this is better for the smaller picture size to enhance small details like for 15x20cm, 20x25cm, 30x30cm, 30x40cm. The round drill gives an impression of cross-stitch so this is termed as “Diamond Cross-stitch”. The picture constructs by these beads are shinier because of the sparkling small round diamonds with the fact that there is a free space present around the diamonds. The size of the round beads is 0.28 cm. 


They are commonly fast process, round beads are easy sharper to place and don’t require much time and energy as well as much accuracy. 


They are not supposed to complete the canvas space, so the colored canvas prominent in the space between the diamonds beseems 

3D Vs 5D Diamond Painting:

Knowing the variation between 5D and 3D diamond painting is very easy. The measurements of a diamond painting kit are defined by the measure of facets on the diamonds. Facets are the small walls that give the shape to the diamond bead and give it dimension. Diamond painting is delivered in both round shape and square.

To understand the dimensions of a diamond and how it affects their appearance, a better understanding of facets is required.

5D facets:

 The easiest way to explain the difference between 5D and 3D is that a 5D diamond has 5 facets on each side and 15 facets in total. These diamonds are used in paintings that need to show more details as 5 dimensions offers more depth and glisten to the picture.

3D facets:

On the other hand, 3D diamond contains facets on each side and 9 facets in total. This is used for simple and elegant portraits. 3D diamond painting is generally used in diamond painting for kids.

 What is a diamond and art kit? 

A Diamond Painting Kit is required to start and finish the painting work. It includes the canvas and everything you need to complete this craftwork. The materials are the same in all brands products normally but the quality differs across the brands. It includes:

  • Printed canvas without which the process is quite impossible, an adhesive layer and protective sheath is present on it. The canvas is printed with colors, symbols and designs with corresponding colors on resin beads. The canvas is covered with a layer of adhesive material that helps in easy adhesion of the diamonds.
  •  2.5 x 2.5 mm acrylic resin diamond (crystals) with 9-15 facets for a sharp and sparkling reflection of light
  • Tweezers to hold the diamond beads
  • A tray comes with every diamond painting kit. It has thin notch which helps in separating diamonds.
  • Diamond applicator tool which is a cylindrical pen shaped tool with hollow end from where diamond can be picked and transferred to the canvas easily.
  • Adhesive glue for perfect firm adhesion.

How to start a diamond painting?

It is a very easy and interesting DIY hobby idea and a trending activity to decor your home with easy-to-do diamond crafting. To start all you have to do is remove the protective sheath and with the help of tweezers/applicator apply the diamond beads on the canvas corresponding to the legend colors provided.

You repeat this process of putting diamonds on the canvas, until your master piece gets ready.

Once your craft gets ready, you can seal/frame it and can display on your room wall.