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Newest Chic Patio Covers for 2019

You’ve probably enjoyed the sun at either your own home, or the house of a friend under a pergola or gazebo sometime during your life. While that’s all well and good, is that truly all there is to offer from the world of patio coverings? Times have changed. Has innovation kept up?

The truth is that yes, patio structure companies have kept evolving with modern design trends and improvements in materials available for some time now. Much of the time, finding the right kind of patio covering meant finding the best balance of aesthetics and durability you were able to handle, but now, there’s less need to compromise and more opportunity to have the best of both worlds. Modern technology has enabled builders to make beautiful coverings at a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the time commitment, much to the delight of middle-class homeowners across the globe.

Not convinced? Here are some of the newer designs turning heads in the world of outdoor relaxation:

Equinox Aluminum Louvers

Instead of patio coverings being explicitly a summer fancy, the aluminum Equinox roofs make for beautiful outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining any time of the year. Instead of a solid sheet of aluminum that functions solely as a roof, these louvered designs can either be fully opened or fully closed to whatever amount of light you’d like to delight in. Royal Covers has some excellent examples in Equinox Louvers if you aren’t quite sure what they entail. This type of aluminum roof is also much more durable than the standard aluminum patio cover, thanks to the fact that extruded aluminum is being employed.

Pergola With Wrap-around Screen

Many people are torn between choosing a full wood patio cover or a lattice style cover. The lattice style allows for some light to pass through, while a full wood patio cover is much more beautiful than many other options. A pergola with a see-through wrap-around screen is somewhat of a compromise between these two schools of thought. The main pergola structure is constructed from wood which can be painted into whatever color you please. On the other hand, the wrap-around screen allows for some light to pass through while the structure still has a “roof.” This allows the sun’s rays to penetrate and help you get some vitamin D, while still offering all of the aesthetic beauty of a wooden structure.

Metal Canopy

Perhaps as a consequence of our modern world, the metal canopy is gaining steam among many homeowners for its futuristic design and exceptional longevity. Metal patio covers used to be drab, dreary, and industrial in nature, but now, they look like the roofs of modern carports which can make a great outdoor leisure area. These are finished nicely and can last a lifetime, even in rainy or snowy conditions.


The outdoor recreational space has definitely not stagnated in recent years, and we sincerely doubt these three new designs will be the last from the patio covering industry. As people’s budgets, tastes, and overall dispositions change, so will the patio coverings offered by manufacturers and installers. The bottom line is there’s no reason not to transform any of your outdoor spaces into ones you’d have no issue wasting the day away inside of.