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Travel Tips Every Rome Visitor Should Know About

If you are heading to Italy then Rome should be on your must-visit list because this city has its own charm and it’s unlike anything you will ever see in the world. Yes, you read that right! Ask any traveling expert and he will probably tell you that Rome is the best place to visit if you really are looking forward to an exciting, chilling and adventurous vacation. It’s not only the culture and history of Rome that makes this place exciting, in fact, the people here are also quite interesting.

They are hospitable and there’s this weird energy and positive vibe that all of them have. Long story short, whether you are traveling with your colleagues, with your friends or with your family, Rome is going to be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

There are so many Rome tourist attractions that you need at least 2 weeks to cover them all up, it’s just that there’s so much you can do here that you cannot even imagine and guess what? You will never get tired of exploring Rome.

Speaking of, today we are here with some of the best travel tips every Rome visitor should know about. So, do take notes because this article can help you make the best out of your Rome trip;

1- Book a tour

Obviously, you are new to Rome and you don’t know where all the popular sites are. So, in this case, the wiser thing to do would be to book a tour of the popular sites. There are a lot of companies and travel tour guides here in Rome that will cover all the sites for you depending on your budget. However, as far as our suggestion is concerned, well, you should visit the Vatican city and the Colosseum most importantly because these two places are like the main tourist spots of Rome.

2- Public transport

Instead of taxis, opt for public transport because it’s much cheaper and you can easily find buses that will take you around Rome that too 24/7. As far as taxis are concerned, well, you might need them sometimes but know that the taxi stations are far away from one another and sometimes you even have to call one from your hotel room. To save some more money, you can opt for Uber as that’s even cheaper.

3- Spring and fall is the best time to visit

Don’t head to Rome in summer because it’s really hot out there and well, it’s all crowded too so you won’t enjoy your time there. However, the best season to go to Rome is spring and fall. The days are cool and the nights are quite chilly so don’t forget your warm clothes and jackets etc.

4- Always carry a water bottle

There are a lot of fountains in the city so you can easily fill your water bottle there. Just make sure to carry one with you all the time because as you have to travel all around the city, you will get thirsty and dehydrated too if you don’t have water with you all the time.


These are some of the main tips that can come in handy to you on your trip to Rome. So, use the tips we just gave and most importantly, don’t forget to keep a camera with you because you are going to need to take a lot of pictures as Rome is a beautiful city full of historical buildings and well the Romanian art is also worthy of appreciation.

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