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Tips for Remodeling Your Master Bedroom

When it comes to home improvements, the areas in a property typically focused on are the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces. However, with sleeping and relaxing taking up around a third of our lives, it’s necessary to think through any master bedroom renovations carefully. There are numerous factors involved in creating the bedroom space of your dreams. Here are some elements to consider today.

Know Your Goals

Don’t start remodeling work until you’ve become clear on your goals for the space. Do you want to refresh the bedroom you have now, or do you need to enlarge the space to make room for a new ensuite and dressing room? Perhaps you’re turning a room that’s never been used as a bedroom before into your master suite, and so need to reimagine the space completely?

Alternatively, your thoughts might revolve around how to get the best resale value out of your renovations. No matter which results you hope to achieve, by working them out in advance, you’ll be better focused on outcomes as you plan and supervise the project.

Set a Budget

Set a budget before work begins on your master bedroom. Decide on a total number you can afford to spend and feel comfortable allocating, and work back from there to determine which elements of your dream bedroom will work and which ones won’t. For example, there’s no point thinking about knocking down a wall to get a large master suite if this work is too far over of your budget to be realistic.

When thinking about finances, consider every fee you’ll have, including not just the costs of contractors and materials, but also things like potential finance charges if you’re getting a loan, insurance fees, shipping costs, disposal and demolition expenses, and consultations from additional experts like interior designers.

Make a Plan

To stay on budget and to make the bedroom remodel go more smoothly, do as much planning as possible before you start work on the space. Think about how you want the room to look, feel, and function once it’s complete, and picture every element you want in the bedroom. This will help you to plan out all the bits and pieces of the renovation, including which elements need to be added in, the placement of furniture, order of tasks, and more.

Plan out the materials, furniture, and accessories you’ll need to buy, so you can start looking for the right products sooner rather than later and avoid rushing purchasing decisions. Consider whether contractors will need to make any structural changes or handle any other potentially complex features, too.

If you’d like to order handmade or custom pieces, factor this into your planning, too, as these items take longer to design and deliver. Plus, consider whether you currently have enough lighting in your bedroom or need to add in a skylight or more windows. Heating and cooling is another consideration to incorporate into your planning.

Design Inspiration

Next, choose your inspiration for your new master bedroom. By thinking about this in advance, you’ll ensure every purchasing decision you make suits the style you’re after. You might, for instance, want to achieve a luxury hotel vibe or create a look based on a nautical, retro, earthy, minimalist, French country, traditional, or boho theme.

To save money, examine the furniture and artwork you already own and think about what you want to keep and what to replace over time. Choose one main element that acts as the main inspiration for the room, and tie everything else into this. The “main attraction” could be your bed, a large piece of art, a color scheme, or wow-factor flooring.


One of the big issues with many master bedrooms is that they don’t contain enough storage. When you are remodeling the room, though, you have the chance to address this and create additional storage space to house your items.

While your wardrobe is your main storage option, also consider where you might be able to place chests of drawers, shelving, and even under-bed or other concealed drawers. Incorporate storage up to the ceiling, too. The higher cupboards can be used to house large or seasonal items you don’t use often.

Electrical Outlets

Something else to think about is the number and location of electrical outlets in your master bedroom. Get your electrician to install power points for bedside tables so you can plug in lamps and charge phones or tablets at night; and put in enough outlets in your ensuite for equipment like hairdryers, straighteners, and shavers.

If you’re interested in watching television from your bed, plan out where you will mount the TV and how many power points and other fittings (such as aerial cable outlets) you’ll need. Electricians usually handle this kind of work, or you can hire a specialist, such as these TV wall-mounting service providers in Chicago.

Remodeling your master bedroom may be a rather costly and time-consuming project to undertake, but get through the job by remembering just how wonderful it will be to sleep in a dream space once the work is complete.